Repost Bonanza: The Beatles – Rooftop Concert

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Get Back
Get Back (#2)
Don’t Let Me Down
I’ve Got A Feeling
One After 909
Dig A Pony
I’ve Got A Feeling (#2)
Don’t Let Me Down (#2)
Get Back (#3)

The Beatles were going to make a documentary film of themselves producing a TV show and writing a bunch of new songs for their next album, which was to be a return to their roots of the rocking days. This was probably inspired by the emergence of The Band, straightforward, down home and everyone’s favorite name to drop at the time.
With a working title of “Get Back” rehearsals began at Twickenham studios on January the 2nd, 1969. The project quickly ran into trouble, George Harrison walked out after eight days complaining of continual criticism from Paul McCartney. However, he returned a week later. The TV show idea had to be dumped because they couldn’t find a suitable location. They thought about hiring an ocean liner, but somewhere along the line that idea was also shelved, along with a number of other exotic suggestions. But it was John Lennon’s suggestion to record a selection of songs in the controlled atmosphere of a studio.
At this time, plans were made to turn the roof at No 3 Saville Row, the Apple Corps HQ, into a tranquil roof garden, and so Ringo Starr and Michael Lindsay-Hogg decided to take a look. It seemed ideal for what they had in mind. The Beatles last ever public concert took place around mid-day on Thursday January the 30th and lasted a full 42 minutes, and may well have gone on longer had it not been for the complaints of the neighbour, Stanley Davis. The wool merchant next door was not a Beatles fan so it seemed. He was quoted as saying “I want this bloody noise stopped. It’s an absolute disgrace”. But the banker, Alan Pulverness, at the end of the street was kinder, he said “Some people just can’t appreciate good music”.
The film won an Oscar for best musical score and it was presented to Paul McCartney by non-other than John Wayne, Big Leggy. But by the time it was premiered on May the 13th, 1970, The Beatles had split. The dream was over…

Repost Bonanza: Cage the Elephant – Tulsa, OK (04/10/11)

Cage The Elephant
10 April, 2011
Cain’s Ballroom
Tulsa, OK USA

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1. Dr. Dr. Dr
2. In One Ear
3. 2024
4. Aberdeen
5. Tiny Little Robots
6. Around My Head
7. Japanese Buffalo
8. Back Against the Wall
9. Flow
10. Indy Kidz
11. Sell Yourself
12. Always Something
13. Rubber Ball
14. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
15. Shake Me Down
16. Sabertooth Tiger
17. False Skorpion (Pavement Cover)

Dual AT829-> Zoom H1 48/24-> CD Wave Editor(track splitting)-> Soundbooth CS5(mastering/eq)-> Traders Little Helper(flac encoding)>MP3@320

Notes from the taper:Recorded by me (Matt Phillips) standing just to the right of the center of the crowd about 25ft away from the stage. Cage the Elephant always give a very energetic performance and this show was no exception. Matt Shultz was all over the stage and crowed surfed several times. At one point he hung upside down from the metal rafters in front of the stage just above the crowd.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Edinburgh, Scotland (04/06/95)

Bob Dylan
Edinburgh Playhouse
1995 April 06

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Download MP3 Sample: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Real good sound.
This recording doesn’t have the drop, the digi-pops described for the other two circulating one.
drop between track 5 and 6 of disk 2. drop between the cdr.

CD 1

1. Down In The Flood
2. What Was It You Wanted
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. Disease Of Conceit
5. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
6. Simple Twist Of Fate,
7. Mr. Tambourine Man

CD 2

1. Masters Of War
2. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
3. God Knows
4. Lenny Bruce
5. Jokerman
6. Like A Rolling Stone
7. It Ain’t Me, Babe

Concert # 662 of The Never-Ending Tour. Concert # 22 of the 1995 European Spring Tour. Concert # 22 in 1995.
Concert # 206 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion).

7ñ9, 14 acoustic with the band.
1, 2, 7, 8, 14 Bob Dylan harmonica.

Note. First What Was It You Wanted since Glasgow February 3, 1991!

11 new songs (78%) compared to previous concert. 2 new songs for this tour

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Asbury Park, NJ (01/14/12)

Bruce Springsteen
Light Of Day 2012
Paramount Theater
Asbury Park, NJ
January 14, 2012

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Download Sample MP3: Atlantic City

taped by: Bickle
upped by: Bakerstuff
Church Audio Cardioids CA-14 > CA-9100 Pre-Amp >Edirol HR-09 > Cool Edit Pro > Trader’s Little Helper >FLAC

Wild in the Streets (W/ Garland Jefferies)
One Guitar (w/ Willie Nile)
Incident on 57th Street (solo acoustic)
“Bromberg Blues” (Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers w/ David Bromberg)
East Carson Street (Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers)
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Never Be Enough Time
Adam Raised a Cain
Save My Love
Talking to the King
Atlantic City
Johnny 99
I’m Not Sleeping
Because the Night
Waiting on a Sunny Day
Pumping Iron
Light of Day (with Max Weinberg, Tony “Boccigalupe” Amato, all)
The Promised Land (with all)
“Happy Birthday Bob Benjamin”
Twist and Shout (with all)
Thunder Road (acoustic)

This is not Springsteen with the full E-Street band. It was a charity event for the Light of Day foundation or something and apparently Springsteen shows up unannounced every year and plays with the house band.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bill Monroe – Haveford, PA (04/29/66)

Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys
Haverford College
Haverford, PA

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01. Intro
02. Panhandle Country
03. Willow Garden
04. Can You Hear Me Calling
05. Bluegrass Breakdown
06. Muleskinner Blues
07. I Live In the Past
08. John Henry
09. Rawhide
10. All the Good Times Are Passed and Gone
11. Uncle Pen
12. I Saw the Light
13. Wayfaring Stranger
14. Orange Blossom Special
15. Midnight on the Stormy Deep
16. Shady Grove


01. Good Woman’s Love
02. True Life Blues
03. Little Maggie
04. Black Mountain Blues
05. Old Joe Clark
06. Mountain Dew
07. Molly and Tenbrooks
08. Don’t Forget Me Little Darling
09. Love Come Home
10. Ragtime Man
11. Kentucky Waltz
12. In the Pines
13. Roanoke
14. Goodbye Old Pal
15. Footprints in the Snow

Bill Monroe Archival Project
The Bluegrass Hub – Legal, Live, Lossless Bluegrass
Direct Connect:

Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Talk About Pop (11/02/73)

van morrison talk about pop

Talk About Pop (acoustic 1973)
November 2, 1973
Radio Telefos Eireann (RTE) Studios
Dublin, Ireland

Download MP3@320

TV>gen.1or2? type-II cassette tape>CD-R>wave/lossless>FLAC>MP3

1. Wild Children (4:21)
2. Slim Slow Slider (3:12)
3. Warm Love (3:19)
4. Drumshambo Hustle (3:38)
5. Autumn Song (4:02)
6. St. Dominic’s Preview (5:52)
7. Purple Heather [aka Wild Mountain Thyme] (3:49)
8. Madame George (7:14)
9. Wild Side Of Life (2:18)
– 4-second tape anomaly at 0:22-0:26
10. I Shall Sing (2:47)
11. And It Stoned Me (3:44)
12. piano into [Edit] (0:38)

Notes from the original torrentor:

This is something truly special for Van Morrison fans. 45 minutes of the Belfast Cowboy performing solo on acoustic guitar in an Irish television station studio. The show was called Talk About Pop, and Van’s appearance included an interview with host Tony Johnson and Donall Corvin (which can be read here).

It was recorded on November 2, 1973 and aired a week later on November 9, 1973. Included among Van’s song choices are three that are known only among serious collectors: “I Shall Sing”, “Wild Side Of Life” (sometimes known as “Honky Tonk Angels”), and the ridiculously rare “Drumshambo Hustle”, a song bemoaning the business aspect of the music industry.
About 10 years ago I received a cassette tape of this performance from an old-time Van Morrison fan & collector from Belfast. As a serious collector, I had previously heard a portion of this set (about 20 minutes worth), but when I played this tape and found that there were additional songs that I hadn’t heard before, and in stunningly great sound quality, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, the interview segments were edited out, and the ending “piano intro” snippet hints that there may have been more of the show with Van on piano. There also appears a tape anomaly 20 seconds into “Wild Side Of Life”. These flaws aside, I think any Van Morrison fan and/or collector will be amazed at what they hear, as this tape represents the most complete, best sounding copy of this show I’ve heard. Enjoy!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (05/03/77)

grateful dead 77

Grateful Dead
The Palladium
New York, NY

Soundboard for Set I only, Audience recording has the whole show but I split the FLAC download so you can grab only the second set if you wish.

Soundboard Source, Set I Only
Download FLAC: Rapidshare
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Source Info:
SBD -> Cm -> ? -> CD -> EAC -> Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> SHN
Edited And SHN’d By Charlie Miller
Editing Notes:
All I did was re-track the disc and removed a gap from a
tape flip (crossfade).

Audience Recording
Download FLAC: Set I, Set II
Download Entire Show MP3@320: Rapidshare
Download MP3 Sample: Jack Straw
Source: Audience 1st Row Loge
Media: TDK-SA 90 min.
Lineage: Sony ECM XXX > Sony TCD5 X> MAC Mics spaced 30ft.
Transfer: MAC > Nakamichi DR-1 (deck Guitar Tuned) > Grace Design Lunatec V3 >
s/pdif > Tascam HD-P2 > WAV
Taped by: B. Glassberg
Transfer by: A. Egert
Mastering by: Derek McCabe

–Set One–
101-d1t01 – Promised Land
102-d1t02 – Bertha
103-d1t03 – Me And My Uncle
104-d1t04 – Peggy-O
105-d1t05 – Jack Straw
106-d1t06 – Row Jimmy
107-d1t07 – Lazy Lightnin’->
108-d1t08 – Supplication
109-d1t09 – Deal
110-d1t10 – Good Lovin’
111-d1t11 – Ship Of Fools

–Set 2–
201-d2t03 – Might As Well
202-d2t04 – Estimated Prophet
203-d2t05 – Sugaree
204-d2t06 – Samson & Delilah
205-d2t07 – Friend of the Devil
206-d3t01 – Eyes Of the World >
207-d3t02 – Space ->
208-d3t03 – Wharf Rat ->
209-d3t04 – Drums >
210-d3t05 – Not Fade Away ->
211-d3t06 – Around & Around [tape flip patched]

212-d3t07 – Uncle John’s Band

Soundboard Flac encoding notes:
All processing with Trader’s Little Helper
Shn – st5 generated
Shn > Flac ( level 8 )
Flac – st5 generated and matched to Shn st5

Mastering Notes for Audience Source:

This Glassberg source does not circulate… until now.

But the Glassberg master cassettes have speed issues and run slow. The two other sources for this show do not run at the same speed either. The Glassberg show runs 2.6% slower than the Moore source [gd77-05-03.moore.minches.17954.sbeok.shnf]. And the first set only soundboard [gd77-05-03.set1-sbd.miller.21646.sbeok.shnf] runs faster than the Moore source. We chose to use the Moore source for patches because it sounded the right “A” pitch compared to a guitar tuned, and since the Moore source was also recorded up in the front row balcony right next to
Glassberg, it was a better patch source in overall sound.

We matched the pitch by adjusting the Nakamichi playback speed – literally opening up the deck and adjusting the internal playback screws. We initially tried to alter the speed of the original 24-bit transfer with various software plugins, and found the digital spped/pitch change was not acceptable. We tried three different “high-end” plugins that will go nameless because they all sounded horrible and added swirling artifacts. By changing the playback speed BEFORE the A/D sounded the best. Yes…
many hours were spent on this comparing. This show deserves it. Enjoy!

1: The very end of Peggy-o is clipped and missing.
2: End of Row Jimmy [10:31 to end] patched with gd77-05-03.moore.minches.17954.sbeok.shnf
3. Tape change during crowd between Estimated and Sugaree was fixed with crossfade
4. Tape change during crowd between Sugaree and Samson was fixed with crossfade
5: Tape change during crowd between FOTD and Eyes was fixed with crossfade
6: 6 secs of Around & Around [3:34 – 3:50] patched with gd77-05-03.moore.minches.17954.sbeok.shnf [which was slightly eq’d to best match Glassberg source, but you can still hear the transition].

Mastering Software Info:
Bias Peak Pro 5.2 / Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor 1.3 / Izotope Ozone 3.0 / xACT 1.59
Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager 3.0.8 for +mbit dithering

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Palo Alto, CA (08/09/80)


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Download Sample MP3: Mission in the Rain

Jerry Garcia Band
Keystone Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA
8/9/80 partial

MSC > DAT > CD > Plexwriter PX-W4824A extraction (EAC v0.9 beta 4) > slight editing (Sound Forge Studio 6.0) > tracking (CD Wave v1.6) > sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > level 8 FLAC encoding (Flac Frontend v.1.7.1 etree edition). EAC >> FLAC by jjoops.

Single Disc (4 tracks, 27:40)
01. //Mission in the Rain [#3:30] [0:13]
02. //Jam w/ Will Scarlett [#1:48] [0:02]
03. Dear Prudence [12:37] ->
04. Midnight Moonlight [9:23] [0:06]

– Only edits undertaken were to apply a +6dB volume boost and to smooth tape transitions with short fades.
– t01 Mission and t02 Jam both cut in, mostly missing.

Thanks to Andy Lemieux for the source CDs!

Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Hard Times in Marseille (06/29/93)

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Download MP3 Sample: Rainy Day Women

Bob Dylan
Palais des Sports
Marseille, France

Set I
Hard Times
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
All Along The Watchtower
Just Like A Woman
Tangled Up In Blue
Shelter From The Storm
Watching The River Flow
Set II
Little Moses
Tomorrow Night
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Cat’s In The Well
I And I
My Back Pages
Maggie’s Farm
E: Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35
It Ain’t Me Babe

Bootleg Bonanza: Rammstein – Hannover, Germany (02/03/12)

Made in Germany 1995-2011 Tour
February 3rd, 2012
Hannover, Germany
TUI Arena

Download MP3@320: Rapidshare
Download MP3 Sample: Keine Lust

Taper : heartland
Lineage : Sony ECM-719 => Iriver iHP-120 running Rockbox (WAV, 44,1kHz) => USB => Peak (cut, mix, tracks) => FLAC
Position : Mittelrang, left side

01. Intro
02. Sonne
03. Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
04. Keine Lust
05. Sehnsucht
06. Asche zu Asche
07. Feuer frei!
08. Mutter
09. Mein Teil
10. Du riechst so gut
11. Links 2-3-4
12. Du hast
13. Haifisch
14. Intro Bueck dich
15. Bueck dich
16. Mann gegen Mann
17. Ohne dich
18. Break
19. Mein Herz brennt
20. Amerika
21. Ich will
22. Engel
23. Pussy
24. Outro

These guys are not the normal sort of band I post or listen to. I’m pretty sure I only have this show because I needed to get my ratio up on some torrent site and this one had a lot of leechers and few seeds. But since I got it I thought I’d share.