Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peal Jam – Santiago, Chile (11/16/11)

Estadio Monumental
Santiago, Chile
16 November, 2011.

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01. Unthought Known
02. Why go
03. Animal
04. Do The Evolution
05. OlÈ
06. Corduroy
07. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
08. Cropduster
09. Evenflow
10. Daughter
11. Setting Forth
12. I Got ID
13. Given To Fly
14. Nothingman
15. Public Image
16. The Fixer
17. Jeremy
18. Encore Break 1
19. Just Breathe
20. Down
21. I Believe In Miracles
22. World Wide Suicide
23. Last Kiss
24. Black
25. Rearviewmirror
26. Encore Break 2
27. Once
28. Betterman
29. Crazy Mary
30. Alive
31. Baba O’Riley
32. Indifference
33. Yellow Ledbetter

Rating: A.
Format: FLAC Lvl 8.
Source: Rare Soundboard Recording.
Lineage: Single .WAV File -> CD Wave Editor -> .WAV Tracks -> FLAC Frontend Lvl 8 -> TLH.
Length: 2h:31m:52s.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – New York, NY (12/03/12)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
December 3, 2012
Barclays Center
New York, NY

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Zoom H2 (onboard mics), Goldwave for EQ and volume tweaks

01 A Day In The Life (The Beatles) (cut) / Star Spangled Banner
02 Love And Only Love
03 Powderfinger
04 Born In Ontario
05 Walk Like A Giant
06 ‘maybe we can stop this rain’
07 The Needle And The Damage Done
08 Twisted Road
09 Singer Without A Song
10 Ramada Inn
11 ‘The Crazy Horse Time Machine’
12 Cinnamon Girl
13 Fuckin’ Up
14 Mr. Soul
15 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
16 applause
17 Roll Another Number

From the taper:

I planned to record Patti Smith in case no one else did. Arrived too late to do so. But I’d brought enough battery power to record Neil’s full set. My recording has the disadvantage of using onboard mics and the advantage of being recorded from a stationery location – a bar in my suite – at a show that was very loud. I hope I am the first person in the high-roller section to bootleg a show.😉 Fuckin’ high-rollers.

As for the performance, I am too tapped out from blogging about the MSG show last week (http://www.gregmcgarvey.net/2012/11/equal-parts-past-present-and-future.html) to write a proper review. Here’s what I got: “FEROCIOUS” (my first thought after “Love And Only Love”) and “RADICAL ADULTS” (first thought after “Walk Like A Giant,” referencing a Sonic Youth song that references Neil and Yoko Ono).

– gregmcg1983

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Berkeley, CA (03/26/80)

Jerry Garcia Band
Berkeley, CA

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AUD (SONY ECM99’s) > Sony TCD5 > Cassette Master > Roland UA-30 USB A/D > MAC G3 Powerbook > CDR > WAV > SHNv3. Taper: John Angus.

I’ve somehow misplaced my files for this show, the all go uploaded but now they are missing from the hard drive. Not wanting to waste bandwidth downloading it all again I’m going by the source material as found on Etree. If that is not what the text file says please do let me know. It is a very nice sounding show all things considered.

Set I
Mission In The Rain
That’s What Love Will Make You Do
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
I’ll Take A Melody
Set II
Russian Lullabye
Dear Prudence
Midnight Moonlight
Tore Up

Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia, Ozzie Allers, Johnny de Foncesca, John Kahn.

Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Got To Get Back to the Greek

Van Morrison
Got To Go Back To The Greek
(bootleg CD)
(Greek Theatre, Berkeley, July 25, 1986; Montreux Jazz Festival, July 10, 1980; & others)
No label

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Intro (Huey Lewis) / Danny Boy (instrumental) (1:48)
Got To Go Back (5:15)
Moondance (3:39)
Vanlose Stairway (4:32)
She Gives Me Religion (3:20)
All In The Game / Cry For Home (6:22)
Tore Down A La Rimbaud (3:45)
The Street Only Knew Your Name (3:34)
Beautiful Vision (4:26)
Cry For Home (2:43)
Lark Ascending (2:53)
Haunts Of Ancient Peace (5:39)
Celtic Wing (sic) (2:51)
Thanks For The Information (6:50)
In The Garden (5:57)
Dweller On The Threshold (3:36)
Summertime In England (7:20)

Total time: (74:30)

Rave On John Donne (8:50)
Send In The Clowns (4:49)
Kingdom Hall (4:22)
And It Stoned Me (3:56)
Troubadors (5:43)
You Turn To The One (7:11)
Listen To The Lion (6:49)
Tupelo Honey (7:22)
Angielou (sic) (8:29)
A Sense Of Wonder (6:05)
What Would I Do (5:05)

Total time: (68:41)

All songs on disc one and songs 1-2 on disc two recorded at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California, on July 25, 1986. Disc two songs 3-9 recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 10, 1980. Disc two songs 10-11 recorded at the Grand Opera House, Belfast, October 23, 1984.

“Cry For Home” (track 10 on disc one) is not listed on the cover. The cover shows tracks 1 and 2 on disc two reversed. See also the notes in the Discography entry for St. Patrick’s Day for more information on the Greek Theatre material.

Liner notes:
One of Van’s finest concert tours was the short-lived tour of America in July 1986 with his regular band augmented by a string quartet. This tour highlighted the balladic side of Van. Highlights were the poignant “Got To Get Back”, the aptly titled “Haunts of Ancient Peace” with the quartet into “Lark Ascending”, the anthemic “In The Garden”, and the gorgeous “Rave On John Donne”.

The concert was taped by a Berkeley station which put together a broadcast with narration by Huey Lewis but never aired it! Portions of this concert were later used in European broadcast remixed for the CD format. From the combined sources of the original production tape and the CD for the subsequent broadcast we present for the first time the complete concert.

To complete this release we include a short but complete Montreux broadcast featuring a rousing “Troubadors” and the hypnotic “Angielou”.

Finally, we include another great mid-80’s original as well as a heartbreaking cover of Ray Charles’ classic “What Would I Do”.

Part of the van-the-man.info unofficial websiteTo complete this release we include a short but complete Montreux broadcast featuring a rousing “Troubadors” and the hypnotic “Angielou”.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Folk Rogue 1964-1965

Bob Dylan
Folk Rogue 1964-1965
Newport Folk Festival

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It Ain’t Me Babe [w/Joan Baez] (1)
All I Really Want To Do (2)
To Ramona (2)
Mr Tambourine Man (2)
Chimes Of Freedom (2)
Don’t Think Twice (3)
All I Really Want To Do (4)
Maggie’s Farm (5)
Like A Rolling Stone (5)
Phantom Engineer (5)
Intro We Want Bobby (5)
Tombstone Blues (6)
It Ain’t Me Babe (6)
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (7)
Mr. Tambourine Man (7)

(1) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 24, 1964
(2) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 26, 1964
(3) City Hall, Newcastle, UK  May 6, 1965
(4) Newport, RI  July 24, 1965 [afternoon workshop]
(5) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 25, 1965 [electric]
(6) Hollywood Bowl  Los Angeles, CA  Sep. 3, 1965
(7) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 25, 1965 [acoustic]

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Cowboy Junkies – Sausalito, CA – KFOG (01/30/94)

cowboy junkies

Cowboy Junkies
The Plant, Sausalito, CA
January 30, 1994
Master TDK SAX–100 > audacity > EAC

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01. Introduction
02. Black Eyed Man
03. White Sail
04. Interview
05. Anniversary Song
06. Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning
07. Interview
08. Pale Sun
09. Lungs
10. Interview
11. Floor Board Blues
12. Outro

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Rolling Stone – Hartford, CT (11/10/81) – "Kings of Drugs"

The Rolling Stones
“Kings Of Drugs”
Civic Center
Hartford, CT
10th November 1981

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Sound Quality : Soundboard
Length : 124.41


01. Take The A Train
02. Under My Thumb
03. When The Whip Comes Down
04. Let’s Spend The Night Together
05. Shattered
06. Neighbours
07. Black Limousine
08. Just My Imagination
09. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Let Me Go
11. Time Is On My Side
12. Beast Of Burden
13. Waiting On A Friend
14. Let It Bleed
15. You Can t Always Get What You Want


01. Band Introductions
02. Little T&A
03. Tumbling Dice
04. Shes So Cold
05. Hang Fire
06. Miss You
07. Honky Tonk Women
08. Brown Sugar
09. Start Me Up
10. Jumping Jack Flash
11. Satisfaction
12. Star Spangled Banner

Sample :
The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb – Hartford 10th November 1981 [SBD]

Mick Jagger – vocals, guitar
Keith Richards – guitar, vocals
Ron Wood – guitar
Bill Wyman – bass
Charlie Watts – drums
Ian Stewart – piano
Ian McLagan – keyboards ::
Ernie Watts – saxophone ::