Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Baltimore, MD (01/19/73)

Neil Young -Bakersfield 11MARCH 1973

Neil Young
01-19-1973, Civic Center
Baltimore, Maryland
w/ The Stray Gators


Disk 1 (26:10)
1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. L.A.
4. Journey Through The Past
5. Borrowed Tune
6. Out On The Weekend
Harvest (missing)
Old Man (missing)
Heart Of Gold (missing)

Disk 2 (55:37)
1. (cut) Come Along And Say You Will
2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
3. Last Dance
4. Lookout Joe
5. Alabama
6. New Mama
7. Time Fades Away
8. Don’t Be Denied
9. Cinnamon Girl
10. Southern Man

Notes :
Tour : 1973 Time Fades Away Tour with The Stray Gators
Band : The Stray Gators, Line Up 1

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche – keyboards
Tim Drummond – bass
Kenny Buttrey – drums

Source Audience analog cassette
Lineage: A3 > DAT > CDR > EAC > Pro Tools (pitch adjustment) > XACT 1.5b3 > flac(8)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – New York, NY (01/21/73)

Neil Young - 21-01-73 - CARNAGIE HALL NYC cover

Carnegie Hall
New York City, New York
January 21, 1973

Download: FLAC/MP3

00 Intro
01 Cripple Creek Ferry
02 Here We Are In The Years
03 L.A.
04 Soldier
05 Introduction band
06 Out On The Weekend
07 Old Man
08 Heart Of Gold
09 The Loner
10 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
11 Time Fades Away
12 New Mama
13 Alabama
14 Don’t Be Denied
15 Cinnamon Girl
16 Lookout Joe
17 Southern Man
18 Last Dance
19 Are You Ready For The Country?

Band :
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche – keyboards
Tim Drummond – bass
Kenny Buttrey – drums

From the original uplader:
Believe me…. It’s history.
After checked finally the real pitch it sound right, and I love it.
The recording come from an old trade wich was transfered the 1st analog generation on DAT for me, so here to you a fresh and enjoyable transfer.

If you are a real Neil Young Fan, you don’t miss it !!!!

Lineage Equipment : sorry I don’ t know
Lineage Transfer : 1st Analog generation Tape>DAT>Edirol R-09HR (24 bit 48 Khz)>CARD>PC>GOLDWAVE (resampling at 16 bit 44.1Khz – Adjusted the pitch – Edit the cuts – Split the file) > FLAC Level 6 + Md5 + Fingerprint

Art covers : Available

As Always from me, it’s not a CD rip but a direct files from the transfer

I’m happy to share this show



Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Detroit, MI (01/08/73)

BR 1973-01-08 COVER INSIDE A version

Neil Young
01-08-1973, Cobo Hall
Detroit, Michigan
w/ the Stray Gators

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: BR
Location: unknown
Equipment: unknown
RAW Version: BR Analog Audience Master > Dragon > CD-R > EAC > WAV > TLH(8) > DIME
Artwork: supplied and produced by Agovigli

This boot contains the original RAW files plus two different edited versions which breaks down like so.

A. Direct Transfer of the BR Analog Master (no editing whatsoever)
B. Fully edited version of the BR Master by Reel Records
C. Four tracks containing two tracks from different master to make a “edited concert-version” from two masters containing “Borrowed Tune” and a clearer “Are You Ready For The Country”

The FLAC files contain everything and the MP3s are broken up into separate edits, each of which contain their own text files explaining the edits.

Disk 1
1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. LA
4. I Am A Child
5. Love In Mind
6. Sugar Mountain
Borrowed Tune ———-[ missing on BR Master ]
8. Out On The Weekend
9. Harvest
10. Heart Of Gold

Disk 2
1. Band tune-up
2. Times Fades Away
3. Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
4. New Mama
5. Come Along And Say You Will
6. Alabama
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Don’t Be Denied
9. Lookout Joe
10. Last Dance
11. Are You Ready For The Country?—— [ muffled sound on BR Master ]

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Louisville, KY (02/15/73)


Neil Young
Louisville Convention Hall
Louisville, KY

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: AUD > ? > CDR > Trade > EAC > FLAC

Disc 1
1-On The Way Home
2-Here We Are In The Years
4-After The Goldrush
5-Out On The Weekend
7-Old Man
8-Heart Of Gold
9-The Loner
10-Last Trip To Tulsa

Disc 2
1-New Mama
3-Don’t Be Denied
4-Lookout Joe
5-Time Fades Away
6-Cinnamon Girl
7-Southern Man
8-Are You Ready For The Country?
9-Last Dance

Tour : 1973 Time Fades Away Tour with The Stray Gators
Band : The Stray Gators, Line Up 2
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche – keyboards, vocal
Tim Drummond – bass
Kenny Buttrey – drums

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Oakland, CA (03/31/73)


Neil Young
03-31-1973, Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, California
w/ The Stray Gators And Graham Nash

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: low gen aud > ? > cdr > cdr >macintosh > bias peak > xACT 1.5b3 > sbe’s & flac

01. The Loner
02. Time Fades Away
03. Don’t Be Denied
04. Lookout Joe
05. Old Man
06. Heart Of Gold
07. I Am A Child
08. Sugar Mountain
09. After The Goldrush
10. Tell Me Why
11. Alabama
12. Last Dance
>>> New Mama <<< MISSING
13. Yonder Stands The Sinner
14. Southern Man (partial, Neil quits)

info from Sugar Mountain (thanks Tom)
notes: New Mama missing from this copy
there are edits, the show is a tad hot in spots and there is some hiss.
listen to the samples 🙂
But…….this is the historic show where Neil just walks off the stage after just starting Southern Man.
You can hear Graham Nash say “what about all of these people?”

Here’s what Pete Long wrote in Ghosts On The Road (pg 55) :
Towards the end of the tour Young abandoned the early acoustic set as a response to the rowdiness of the audiences.
In particular, the concert at The Oakland Coliseum became infamous.
During Southern Man a fan, making his way towards the stage, was set upon by a securityguard.
Seeing this happen Young stopped playing and amid the confusion left the stage.
Unfortunately many members of the audience did not appreciate exactly what was going on and their response was predictably hostile.
(thanks Pete)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young & The Stray Gators – Toronto, Canada (01/15/73)

Neil Young & Stray Gators
Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto,Canada
January 15, 1973

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 On the way home ***
02 Tell me why
03 L.A.
04 Journey through the past
05 Borrowed tune
06 Lonely weekend
07 Harvest
08 Old man
09 Heart of gold
10 Lonely weekend
11 Everybody knows this is Nowhere
12 Time Fades Away ***
13 New Mama
14 Alabama
15 Last dance
16 Don’t be denied
17 Cinnamon girl
18 Lookout Joe
19 Southern Man
20 Are you ready for the Country (Patched from Filtered version)

*** Parts replaced for diginoises problem

Total Lenght = 01:36:24

Analag master>DAT>DAT

Transfered 02/10/2010 by AV

Lineage : DAT MASH SV DA-10>Optical cable>M-AUDIO Audiophile Firewire>FIREWIRE>PC>GOLDWAVE (16 bit 48 Khz) – NO Equalization – Resample at 16 bit 44.1 Khz – Tracks Split > (+ Patch parts from other sources) > FLAC Encoded with FLAC FRONTED (Level 6) >TLH Md5 + Fingerprint

From the original uploader:

This is a DAT clone reiceved in the 90’s, and 1st time transfered.
I noted that some versions of this show was shared in different way :
1) from the bootleg CD Lonely Week-end (incomplete) 76 minutes
2) a complete version (Generation unknown CDR version) but using lots of filter to avoid the noises at the point that sound seems go out from a tube (About 91 minute)
3) a complete version with some cuts during the talks (Generation unknown – taken from analog tapes) – unprocessed (with all the noises) – but inferior quality at my ears.

My version come from a DAT clone of the analog master but with diginoises in “On the WAy Home” & “Time fades Away” + last song “Are you ready for the Country” was missing.

So I replaced and patched those songs with the tracks taken from the Bootleg CD “Lonely Week-end”, and added the last song “Are you Ready For the Country”
from the filtered version and applyed a bit of equalization to sound similar at the all tracks of my transfer.

At the end Here to you the best in terms of sound quality and the more complete version of the Maple Leaf Gardens ’73 show

Hope you enjoy

A. V.

NB = Art covers enclosed by aV

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young & The Stray Gators – Buffalo, NY (01/14/73)

Neil Young with the Stray Gators
Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, New York
Jan. 14, 1973

Download: FLAC/MP3

Dance, Dance, Dance
Tell Me Why
Journey Through the Past
Borrowed Tune
Out On the Weekend
Old Man
Heart of Gold
Come Along and Say You Will
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Time Fades Away
New Mama
Last Dance
Don’t Be Denied
Cinnamon Girl
Lookout Joe
Southeren Man
Are You Ready For the Country

Source 1:


Unknown generation of an audience recording.
Very decent sounding source with very little crowd noise.
Slight noticeable microphone noises. Slight tape hiss.
I have changed the track starting points to the beginning of the songs.
As a footnote:
Sugar Mountain website lists “Cowgirl In the Sand” as being the 6th song played.
I believe this may be in error as I can tell of no interuption between the two existing tracks.
And the tour setlists before and after this date do seem to coincide with this setlist.

Source 2:

lienage: 2nd gen tape-cdr-trade-cdr-eac-flac-dimeadozen-you

Thanks to Tom at Sugar Mountain


and GOTR

None of these songs were released on “Time Fades Away”.

The sound is really nice, I consider it’s among the better or even best recordings of the 1973 tour.

My huge thanks go to a very kind rustie, who did the transfer from his 2nd gen tape to cdr and traded this show with me.

Share it with your friends.
uploaded on dimeadozen by sunwalker 04/2007