Allman Brothers Band – Los Angeles, CA (03/25/93)

Allman Brothers Band
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, California
May 25, 1993

I no longer have this show, if anyone has it and is willing to share please let me know.

Soundboard recording of unknown origin.

Disc 1-
01. Hot ‘Lanta
02. Statesboro Blues
03. All Night Train
04. Blue Sky
05. The Same Thing
06. Temptation Is A Gun
07. Nobody Knows
08. Midnight Rider
09. Seven Turns
10. Come On In My Kitchen
11. Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad
12. Little Martha
13. Jessica
14. What’s Done Is Done
15. Gambler’s Roll
16. Change My Way of Living
17. Whipping Post
18. One Way Out
(Dickey sat on a stool and wore a blindfold during encore!)

17 thoughts on “Allman Brothers Band – Los Angeles, CA (03/25/93)

  1. This one looks great – thanks! (I noticed that about the pic too, LOL – I think Derek Trucks wasn’t far out of diapers in ’93, right?) 🙂

    Thanks Mat!

  2. Yo Cat, is there any chance of re-upping this gem? As you stated, the Mediafire links are dead. If you can, GREAT! If not, I will understand. I know this must take alot of your time. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do- God bless!!!

  3. John I will do this eventually. I’m very slowly making my way back into uploading shows. Right now I’m gonna just do the Grateful Dead as I know they are ok with trading their boots. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll start doing other bands which is gonna mean reuploading a lot of stuff.

    I will try to remember to do this show, but if you don’t see if in a few weeks, but you do see me uploading other shows, leave me another comment and I’ll do it then.

  4. Mat, again, THANK YOU! This one has me drooling, but please, take your time in re-upping. I am digging on all your other posts anyway, so I can certainly wait. If there is anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask, & I’ll do what I can. Seriously, if you need a donation for site up-keep, a show I might have that you need, or whatever… let me know. Peace!

  5. Since you are asking, I’d love it if you could upload some shows then send me the links. Any shows you like, any format you like. Of course I love lossless, but I take MP3s as well.

    If you want to do that but don’t know how drop me a line and I can walk you through it.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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