Van Morrison & The Chieftains – Belfast, Northern Ireland (09/15/88)

VAN MORRISON & The Chieftains
“Songs Of Innocence”
An Ulster Television Production
(Broadcast on Channel 4 in UK)
Recorded at The Ulster Hall, Belfast
September 15th 1988

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

SOURCE: TV Broadcast > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8
Recorded (1988), Transfered to Digital & Artwork by JTT, February 2012

01. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
02. In The Garden
03. Rave On John Donne
04. Did Ye Get Healed
05. Star Of The County Down
06. She Moved Through The Fair
07. Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
08. I’ll Tell Me Ma
09. Carrickfergus
10. Celtic Ray
11. Marie’s Wedding
12. Boffyflow & Spike
13. Goodnight Irene
14. Moondance

12 thoughts on “Van Morrison & The Chieftains – Belfast, Northern Ireland (09/15/88)

  1. Cheers Mat,

    Hopefully this will be an upgrade from the transfer i made from my own vhs master. Recommended, a very good performance, as is the case whenever Van steps onto a stage with these guys.

    Mr JTT’s posts are like a trawl thru my own late night tv recordiings from the 80s and 90s. If i had known then that he was going to catalogue it all for me, i’d never have stayed up so late!

    • JTT has done some incredible work over the years. He also, apparently, rather dislikes me. An old friend of the blog once told me that he’d gotten into a bit of an argument over my site several years ago. JTT is very much against MP3s and apparently he was telling people on some forum not to visit my site because of it.

  2. ps, as the setlist would suggest and from memory, the Chieftains join from track 5 onwards. As I recall Van is on the keyboards for the opening trax

  3. Mat,

    I agree about Mr JTT’s great work. However a bit odd re your comments above. When he authors his DVDs he regularly encodes the audio as 2.0. i.e a lossy format. This is true even in some cases where there is clearly sufficient disc capacity for a proper PCM format. For an example of this see his version of the wonderful Arena Van special ‘One Irish Rover’. One of the best, and most musically rich, music docs ever made. His version is typically excellent and superior to own (sadly mono) vhs capture. However, I managed to capture the entire film and a ‘sterso’ audio capture of my tape in lossless PCM, and fit it all onto a single layer DVD5. Why therefore he chose to encode his audio in lossy 2.0 is anyone’s guess.

    I’ve raised the issue (and my utter despair) over the use of lossy audio codecs on DVDs many times with E.D.G.E. and others.

    Come on folks, it’s first and foremost music. It’s the picture which is optional! Also a little compression on the picture is barely noticeable, and saves massively on data. The use of lossy audio, saves very little by comparison and wrecks the entire disc!!

    • I don’t really deal in videos so I don’t really have any ideas on why some will use lossy audio on them, but what you are saying makes sense. The main reason I don’t really deal with them is that I’m usually visually bored. I just want the music, I don’t need to see them.

      JTT has never said anything directly to me, but the conversation about me from his was relayed to me years ago. I do often get his audio shows and always he makes a note about not converting them to MP3. I, of course, ignore him, which may be why he was miffed at me way back when.

      I’ll probably do a full post on this later, but I recently purchased a years worth of pro-grade File Factory (speaking of which did you get my e-mail about the Bob Dylan site, Dave?) and with that I’ve been wandering through the bowels of Guitars101 looking for FF links to download. Came across some great old debates on MP3 vs. FLAC. This was before Guitars actually had those formats separated so there was a lot of contention. It was a lot of fun to read.

  4. Incidentally,

    For those (like me) who love this stuff. There is another tv special (A Chiftains performance) from Irish (Eire) TV ‘In Concert 88 Special ‘ in which Van appears as a guest artist, sings and plays the drums. Also excellent and well worth seeking out. I have an mpeg or DVD (or both) which I captured from my vhs master, stashed away somewhere.

    Would be nice to track down a reworked audio capture of the type posted here.

    What the heck – if anyone wants to hear my inadequate version i’ve just uploaded it for you here

    It’s just the raw WAV file FLAC’d. Needs splitting, boosting etc. Also it starts with the last 2 trax of this show, then there is about 20-25 minutes of the Chieftains special.

    From mono VHS, totally raw and just until a better version comes along

    Turn that volume up and enjoy!!

    Take care all

  5. Sorry Mat,

    messages crossed, i was busy upolading Van. Just checked email re Bob site- no concerns at all i’ve had many dealings with them over the years. Good people, big Bob fans and totally genuine.

    We discussed them before actually. You were experimenting with the site as I recall. I guess thta’s why they contacted you.

    I have tons of notepad files of Dead, Dylan, Neil etc all containing FF links. I think I sent you some Jerry links before. They are all in my pending list. I don’t have premium at the moment so haven’t got to them yet. If you wanted to pull some of them down and maybe even repost some of them here you would be doing a great service. Partuicularly if you concentrated on the large (1gb and above) files whixh are a nightmare without premium.

    Enjoy the Van if you get a chance to check it out

  6. Oh yea, I knew I vaguely remembered that site. Its all cool now. I e-mailed the owner and we had a couple of discussions and got it worked out. It was one of those things where I got this random e-mail out of the blue. It was very generic, just “hey come to my site for Bob Dylan and oh, you have to get a premium FF account.” Sounded scammy at first (although that would be one of the odder scams around – centered on Dylan boots.

    Little disappointed that its apparently only MP3s, but still systematically downloading everything.

    I still have that notepad you sent me of Jerry links. Grabbed a few, but always find downloading from these sites really annoying. I know that’s strange thing to say from someone who has spent the last several years uploading to those sites (I’m always kind of amazed some of you guys have stayed with me for so long patiently downloading from them.)

    But now that I have a premium account I’ll go back and grab all the stuff you put on that list. And if you want to send me any others I’ll be happy to get them and post them here.

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