Van Morrison – Marin, CA (03/11/73)

Van Morrison
Memorial Auditorium
Marin, CA
11th March 1973

Download FLAC: Google Drive

01 Great Deception
02 I Wanna Roo You
03 Snow in San Anselmo
04 Hard Nose The Highway
05 Since I Fell For You
06 Spare Me a Littl
07 Bring it on Home
08 Listen to the Song
09 Caravan
10 Listen to the Lion
11 Ant It Stoned Me
12 More and More
13 Come Running

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8 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Marin, CA (03/11/73)

  1. Hi Matt, do you have this one in FLAC? Although it says FLAC up above, the link leads to two mp3 versions (the same) on Amazon Drive – if so, please would you be kind enough to post? Thanks.

    • Dang, I’m afraid I only have the MP3. I seem to have accidentally uploaded the MP3s twice and at a glance thought one was FLAC when I posted the show. Thanks for your correction and apologies for misleading you.

  2. Hi Mat (sorry about the extra “t” I added above!) – no problem – thanks for checking and for all you do here. All the best for 2018.

    • No worries about the extra “t”. technically I have two two of them in my first name, but only use one (its a long, stupid story). And you are welcome for the checking. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the lossless files for this show.

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