Van Morrison – Paris, France (07/01/80)

Van Morrison
Paris France
Theatre Mogador
july 1st 1980

SM aud master

Download FLAC: Google Drive

01 Wavelength
02 Kingdom hall
03 Summertime in England
04 Satisfied
05 Warm love
06 When heart is open
07 And it stoned me
08 Troubadours
09 Wild night
10 Spirit
11 Tupelo Honey
12 Angeliou
13 Audience
14 Haunts of ancient peace

Van Morrison, vocals
John Platania, guitar
John Allair and Jeff Labes, keys
Pee Wee Ellis, sax
Mark Isham, trumpet
David Hayes, bass
Peter Van Hooke, drums

From the original uploader

I gave this recording to only one person when Van M was on the NAB list here.
So, it’s the first seed from my master cassettes.
I’m doing this in a way to thank Troubadour24 for posting the NY /Crazy Horse 2014 Monte carlo show
(on another tracker); thanks again.

Recorded from the balcony, first row, with my Sony TC 150 and his internal mic (mono).
Cassettes on a Marantz SD4051 deck, to Zoom H4, SD card to PC, Audacity (pitch and tracking only), FLAC with TLH.
Raw version but not a bad result for a 34 years tapes (check samples).

Ul by Letsgo on august 2014.

8 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Paris, France (07/01/80)

  1. Love this show! It contains one of the very few live versions I’ve heard of “When heart is open,” and everything else is great too, especially the long version of “Angeliou.”

  2. Yeah this has been goin’ round and round in my pocket player for days. Heart is open is v rare and v excellent too.
    ps Mat really confused now. With the time difference etc can’t work out whether these are from the zippys i sent u or not. Anyway i’m sure that some of them were relevant and needed, anyhow the archive was already prepared to the ‘spec’ i sent you, just pinged it off as it was. Apologies for any duplication. Doesn’t really matter in any case. It’s only the avoidance of unnecessary or duplicate downloading from Turbobit which is absolutely critical.
    Guessing/assuming all received ok and without errors.
    Quiick work to get ’em up so promptly in any case

  3. You prob got it from the g101 FF link i referred you to before. That’s the one i was asking you about in the emails. On the subject of which did you also grab the other referral ink for Neil 1976-03-04 – Osaka. If not then i would very much recommend that you do. It is a classic Mr Peach recording. He always got himself into the front rows and used good mics and kit. His recordings have a lovely ambient ‘presence’. The acoustic set is an ex perf (as usual for 76) and the recording puts you right there. Electric set is defined by early early ‘proto’ versions of classics, still not completely worked up or rehearsed. Overall though very interesting. Early and softer ver of ‘Hurricane’ then called ‘Angels’ I believe, is very different, lots of long dreamy guitar breaks from Neil and Frank. None of the savage guitar attack of the final arrangement.

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