New File Factory Links

I’m continuing to upload shows to FileFactory on a near-daily basis. I’m still not entirely sure how I will share them. For now, I’m thinking maybe once a week I’ll just link over to the new shows that I’ve uploaded since the last time I shared. Since you won’t be able to read the text files I’m trying to include enough source info in the file names so that you’ll know what you are getting (more or less).

I know that’s not ideal, but it is something.

I’m also not sure how File Factory is going to handle this. I’m uploading the files into a generic bootleg folder, copying a link for those shows and then moving the files to artists’ folders. The link may not actually work after I do that. I guess we’ll find out.

Here’s the link.

Please do remember that I will be uploading shows to Google Drive in April. Those will be my official shares, these File Factory links are just bonuses.

14 thoughts on “New File Factory Links

    • Thanks I caught that as soon as I posted it. The nice lady is Emma Watson, an actress who starred in the Harry Potter franchise and a bunch of other stuff. I was doing some work on a movie specific Tumblr I help out with this morning and got the link screwed up.

      Sorry about that.

  1. The File Factory link takes me to a photo of a nice looking lady…not that I’m complaining…Lol. Hope she’s your wife…

  2. Hey Mat, would you mind uploading your 10,000 Maniacs shows? Or at least the In My Tribe demos. Looks like I found your articles too late to download them, although they were still fun to read.

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