Bootlegs of the Day: February 15, 2023

I belong to a private site with tons of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia shows. That’s where the vast majority of the stuff by them that I’ve shared comes from. I’ve neglected to download from them for a while as I’ve been trying to sort through all my old shows. Yesterday I started looking for shows that I don’t have. But it is a process. Since I already own a lot of shows, I have to systematically go through their lists and find things that I don’t have. I plan to keep working my way through, year by year, starting with Garcia and then moving on to the Dead. I’ll download what I don’t already own and then eventually upload it and share. But again this is a process and it will take time.

All of which is to say that new Dead shows are coming, but not this week. Probably not for several weeks. But they are coming Until then, enjoy some stuff I previously posted on my Amazon Drive.

Grateful Dead – 1990.02.25 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.02.26 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.02.27 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead – 1990.03.14 – Landover, MD

Grateful Dead – 1990.03.15 – Landover, MD

6 thoughts on “Bootlegs of the Day: February 15, 2023

  1. Thanks so much for hanging in there Mat! Love looking through these for any new GD/Jerry shows I don’t have. Got a lot as well, but still looking for a few sbds I don’t have, but most of those are 91-94. Cheers!

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