Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & The Band – In The Footsteps of Planet Waves


Download MP3@320

Tracks list:

Instrumental (Los Angeles November 2nd1973 )
Going Going Gone, studio, November. 5-6, 1973
House of the rising sun (Los Angeles November 02nd 1973)
Nobody’cept you (Los Angeles November 2nd 1973 )
Nobody ‘Cept You (Los Angeles November 05th1973)
Forever young (New-York November 8th 1973)
Crosswind Jambouree (Instrumental Los Angeles November 2nd 1973)
Tough Mama (Chicago January 3rd 1974)
Nobody ‘Cept You (Chicago January 4th 1974)
Something There Is About You (Toronto January 10th 1974 )
Wedding Song (Largo, January 15th 1974)
Going Going Gone (Clearwater April, 1976)
You angel you ( Clearwater April, 1976)
The Crippled Crow Booker T(vocal), B.Dylan (harp) Malibu February 1973
Hazel (San Francisco November 25th1976)
Forever Young (San Francisco November 25th1976)

4 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & The Band – In The Footsteps of Planet Waves

  1. Cheers Mat,

    Interesting. I wish I could offer to upgrade this one. Well the first 7 trax anyway. Tryin’ to remember which of these studio trax made it onto the Scorpio GBS series 1-4.

    First take of Nobody Cept You was on vol 1
    2nd take and House of Rising Sun on vol 3
    Stunning partial alt take of Going Going Gone rel on GBS VOL 4 (2008)

    From Bobs Boots

    ‘An incredible find that helps to give this release validity. It’s a perfect quality (minus a few reel to reel tape squeaks) alternate vocal / acoustic guitar track from the 24 track master reel used during the November 1973 sessions for Planet Waves. The Band can be barely heard at certain times due to track bleed through. A portion of the three and one half minute performance is an incredibly rare listen of Dylan a’capella.’

    We are all familiar with the acoustic demo fragment of Forever Young.
    I’ve come across the instrumentals before, but can’t remember where

    So I guess most of it could be put together lossless. Interesting that Scorpio chose the Montreal live take of ‘Nobody…’ from the 11th, over the Chicago version (i would also choose) from the 4th Jan used here. Not sure if the Chicago tape was available in such good qual back then.

    The rest is more straightforward to acquire

    Anyway really nice to have this all in one place. Keep your eyes peeled for the lossless Mat. Just realised i’ve yet to obtain a copy of GBS vol 4, so track 2 is a hot target!!

  2. Blimey – just located GBS vol 4 in the archives. The only one i never had as silvers. You know uour downloading is out of control when you can overlook something like that!

    I can (re)construct all of this in lossless from best sources with the exception of track 1 and track 8. No idea where i saw or heard track 1. Hopefully Mat will find the LK version of the (3rd Jan) opening ’74 night in Chicago, and post one day. All the compls and anthologies use the version from the 4th.

  3. #
    This comp has a lossless version of Going going gone outtake.

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