Neil Young – Acoustic Rarities

Acoustic Rarities

Download FLAC: Google Drive

CD 1
Don’t Cry No Tears (Costa Mesa, CA, 9/25/92)
Barstool Blues (Saratoga, NY, 9/4/89)
Cortez The Killer (Miami, FL, 2/6/83)
Midnight On The Bay (Glasgow, Scotland, 4/2/76)
Let It Shine (Osaka, Japan, 3/6/76)
Down By The River (Seattle, WA, 1/20/92)
Traces (Studio ’73)
Give Me Strength (Chicago, IL, 11/15/76)
Pushed It Over The End (New York, NY, 5/16/74)
Revolution Blues (San Francisco, CA, 1/25/83)
Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Nagoya, Japan, 5/5/89)
Boxcar (Detroit, MI, 9/4/88)
Sad Movies (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 3/26/76)
Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM, 10/25/88)
Cinnamon Girl (Los Angeles, CA, 9/22/92)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Los Angeles, CA, 9/21/92)
Southern Man (Bridge II, 12/4/88)
Alabama (New York, NY, 10/4/71)
Cripple Creek Ferry (New York, NY, 1/21/73)
L.A. (New York, NY, 1/21/73)
Everybody’s Alone (KQED Studios, San Francisco, CA, 2/19/70)

CD 2
Dance, Dance, Dance (London, England, 2/23/71)
Out On The Weekend (London, England, 2/23/71)
Homefires (Boston, MA, 3/20/92)
Don’t Be Denied (Dayton, OH, 9/18/83)
Country Home (Santa Cruz, CA, 1/5/83)
White Line (Fort Worth, TX, 11/10/76)
Interstate (Studio ’90)
Like A Hurricane (Upper Darby, PA, 3/24/92)
Shots (San Francisco, CA, 5/24/78)
Silver And Gold (Santa Monica, CA, 3/31/90)
Razor Love (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12/13/89)
Powderfinger (Paris, France, 12/11/89)
Hitchhiker (Saratoga, NY, 6/29/92)
Transformer Man (Bridge VIII, 10/1/94)
American Dream (Birmingham, England, 6/2/87)
Homegrown (San Diego, CA, 9/23/92)
Mideast Vacation (Long Beach, CA, 8/28/86)
If You Got Love (Long Beach, CA, 8/28/86)

CD 3
Cocaine Eyes (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12/13/89)
Winterlong (Saratoga, NY, 9/4/89)
Ordinary People (Sydney, Australia, 4/18/89)
Days That Used To Be (Toronto, Ontario, 8/18/88)
Someday (Tokyo, Japan, 4/30/89)
Don’t Pity Me Babe (1965 studio)
Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (London, England, 2/27/71)
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (New York, NY, 11/15/73)
Broken Arrow (Salzburg, Austria, 8/18/95)
The Loner (London, England, 2/27/71)
I’ve Loved Her So Long (Los Angeles, CA, 8/26/69)
Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, 11/24/76)
The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, 11/24/76)
Birds (Bridge V, 11/2/91)
Mellow My Mind (Osaka, Japan, 3/5/76)
Campaigner (original version) (1976 studio)

CD 4
Goin’ Back (Santa Cruz, CA, 1/5/88)
Motor City (San Francisco, CA, 1/25/83)
Wonderin’ (KQED studios, 2/19/70)
California Sunset (Santa Cruz, CA, 1/5/83)
Once An Angel (Melbourne, Australia, 3/11/85)
Old Ways (Lansing, MI, 9/13/83)
This Note’s For You (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12/13/89)
No More (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12/13/89)
Depression Blues (New York, NY, 2/17/92)
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Salem, OR, 9/18/92)
All Along The Watchtower (Bridge VII, 2/10/94)
Mr. Soul (Woodstock, NY, 8/18/69)
Out Of My Mind (Hartford, CT, 11/8/96)
Buffalo Springfield Again (Mountain View, CA, 7/11/97)
Country Girl (Houston, TX, 12/18/69)
Love In Mind (Chicago, IL, 1/16/71)
Ohio (Los Angeles, CA, 2/2/71)
Roll Another Number (Boston, MA, 11/22/76)
Love Art Blues (Uniondale, NY, 8/15/74)
Pardon My Heart / The Old Homestead (Uniondale, NY, 8/15/74)

CD 5
Star Of Bethlehem (Wembley, England, 9/14/74)
Motion Pictures (New York, NY, 5/16/74)
On The Beach (New York, NY, 5/16/74)
Hold Back The Tears (Studio, 1976)
Ride My Llama (San Francisco, CA, 5/24/78)
Are There Any More Real Cowboys? (Santa Cruz, CA, 1/5/83)
Slowpoke (Mountain View, CA, 7/11/97)
Western Hero (Washington D.C., 1/14/95)
Farmer’s Song (Ames, IA, 4/24/93)
Eldorado (London, England, 12/12/89)
Fuckin’ Up (Upper Darby, PA, 3/24/92)
Name Of Love (Hollywood, CA, 12/12/88)
Throw Your Hatred Down (Columbus, OH, 7/30/97)

Note: Compiled by Peter Murphy for rust.

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