Neil Young – Harvest Live

Neil Young
Harvest Live compilation

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Here’s something I compiled as a fun way to revisit yet another old Neil Young classic. The sound quality varies from Very Good to Excellent.


  1. Out on the Weekend
  2. Harvest
  3. A Man Needs a Maid
  4. Heart of Gold
  5. Are You Ready for the Country?
  6. Old Man
  7. There’s a World
  8. Alabama
  9. The Needle and the Damage Done
  10. Words (Between the Lines of Age)
    Bonus/Alternate Tracks:
  11. Out on the Weekend
  12. Harvest (piano)
  13. A Man Needs a Maid /Heart of Gold (piano)
  14. Are You Ready for the Country?
  15. Old Man (acoustic)
  16. Alabama/Sweet Home Alabama
  17. The Needle And The Damage Done
  18. Harvest (acoustic)
  19. Heart of Gold (acoustic)

Venue/Date Info:

  1. Royal Festival Hall, London, England: 1971-02-27
  2. JFK Center, Washington, DC: 1973-01-28
  3. Royal Festival Hall, London, England: 1971-02-27
  4. World’s Fair Int. Amp., New Orleans, LA: 1984-09-27
  5. Winterland, SanFrancisco, CA: 1973-03-22
  6. World’s Fair Int. Amp., New Orleans, LA: 1984-09-27
  7. Macky Auditorium, Boulder, CO: 1971-01-27
  8. Winterland, SanFrancisco, CA: 1973-03-22
  9. Royal Festival Hall, London, England: 1971-02-27
  10. Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ: 2000-09-24
    Bonus/Alternate Tracks:
  11. BBC, London, England: 1971-02-23
  12. Royal Festival Hall, London, England: 1971-02-27
  13. Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford, CT: 1971-01-22
  14. Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL: 1976-11-15 (Late)
  15. BBC, London, England: 1971-02-23
  16. Bicentennial Park, Miami, FL: 1977-11-12
  17. World’s Fair Int. Amp., New Orleans, LA: 1984-09-27
  18. Music Hall, Boston, MA: 1976-11-22 (Late)
  19. BBC, London, England: 1971-02-23

Line-up Info:
Tracks 01, 03, 07, 09, 11-13, 15 & 17-19 Solo
Track 02 Stray Gators
Tracks 04 & 06 International Harvesters
Tracks 05 & 08 Stray Gators w/Crosby & Nash
Track 10 Friends & Relatives
Track 14 Crazy Horse
Track 16 Gone With The Wind Orchestra

Notes on track selection:
This collection features 2 brilliant, solo-acoustic performances of “Out On The Weekend” (Track 01 & Track 11), both from Neil’s amazing ’71 tour. Just dynamite…what an amazing voice! (A/A+ sound). I’ve given you 3 completely different listens to the title track. Track 02 is a very nice sounding (A/A+) Stray Gators version from early in their ’73 tour. Track 12 is a solo-piano version, the very first time Neil played it (supposedly the day after writing it)! Track 18 is a solo-acoustic version from ’76 (nice sound…sourced from The Bernstein Tapes).

Track 03 is a brilliant solo-piano version of “A Man Needs A Maid” (A/A+). This song is also included in Track 13 in its original configuration as a solo-piano medley with “Heart Of Gold” (A-/A). Track 04 is full-band version of “Heart Of Gold” from the ’84 International Harvesters tour. This soundboard is so clearly better quality than any Stray Gators that I’ve heard, I just had to use it. “Heart Of Gold” is presented a third time in Track 19, this time as a beautiful sounding solo-acoustic version from ’71 (A+).

You get two shots at “Are You Ready For The Country?”. Track 05 is a Stray Gators (w/Crosby & Nash) version from Winterland ’73 (A-/A). Track 14 is a nice soundboard from ’76 with Crazy Horse (the HORSE!!!). Likewise, there are two versions of “Old Man”. Track 06 is an International Harvesters soundboard that is pretty faithful to the original LP version. Track 15 is a fabulous sounding solo-acoustic version from ’71.

“There’s A World” is presented from one of only 7 live performances ever by Neil. This one sounds pretty nice (solid A). It’s back to Winterland for Track 08: “Alabama”—what a hoot! Also, included as a bonus (Track 16) is the one-off version from ’77 that incorporates a bit of “Sweet Home Alabama” as a tribute to the fallen members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The sound is a bit rougher, but still very listenable.

Track 09—“…Needle…” BRILLIANT! Track 17…more “…Needle…”—Brilliant again! LOVE this song…always excellent. Track 10 is “Words,” a song Neil waited until the year 2000 to play live in concert. This is a high quality sounding rendition.

That about does it. It’s a full disc (79 minutes)…


All of the above were sourced from CDRs that I acquired by trade.
Various CDRs > EAC > wav > FLAC


PS – As with all things Neil Young-related, MANY MANY thanks to “Sugar Mountain” Tom ( and the Tour Stats of Matthias Butterweck (!!!

3 thoughts on “Neil Young – Harvest Live

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  2. Thanks Mat, I really enjoyed this last night. Back in the day Harvest was the LP that first got me listening to NY, and it’s still my favourite by a long country mile. In those days (1980’s) me and my friends had no idea who he was and the record was unlike anything else we’d heard (!!!) but that high lonesome voice was just haunting..

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