Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09/29/86)

1986_09_29_Carre_Theatre_Amsterdam_front [300DPI]

Van Morrison
Carre Theatre
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Download: FLAC/MP3

Celtic Swing
Northern Muse (Solid Ground) >
Cry For Home >
She Gives Me Religion >
Tore Down A La Rimbaud
Vanlose Stairway
Beautiful Vision
It’s All In The Game >
Make It Real One More Time
Cleaning Windows
Oh The Warm Feeling
Here Comes The Knight
Dweller On The Threshold
And The Healing Has Begun >
In The Garden
Full Force Gale
Rave On John

Neil Drinkwater – Keyboards
Ritchie Buckley – Saxophone
Jerome Rimson – Bass
Arty McGlynn – Guitar
Martin Drover – Trumpet
Ray Jones – Drums
Helen Bradley – Backing Vocals
June Boyce – Backing Vocals

* – Instrumental

15 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (09/29/86)

  1. This is recommended… if it’s the same version I already
    have. Good quality SBD and Van sounds like he’s in
    a good mood.
    Cheerful vibes, very enjoyable.

  2. I’m not sure if it was my download or the file but several of the songs were messed up. A couple of the songs are cut or drop off early or wouldn’t load up.
    You can hear the whole show on Youtube, i ripped it using AVS software. It’s one of the best.

  3. Yeah, but like Bob at times the man can be real grumpy and still produce real magic on stage.

    I also enjoy the Van and Bob shows where they are in a more gregarious mood. However they are not always the best shows. Well at any rate it is not a prerequisite for a good performance.

    Hard to chuckle your way thru ‘John Donne’!!

  4. Sounds a great show, but Track 1 is cut short, Track 4 is missing, Track 5 is very short as is Track 13 and Track 11 won’t play at all.

    Am still very grateful for this show, and it may just be me with a problem with the foregoing, but…


  5. I didn’t want my comments to sound like a complaint, I appreciate your site and the shows you post. This is a Excellent show (top 10) and I was happy to see it here since I had not seen it anywhere else except for youtube. It’s too bad that 4-5 songs are messed up on the file. I could send you the version that I have if I could figure out how to get it to you. Thanks as always. Bruce

  6. Yes, I have it in lossless, and ditto for a few other shows
    recently posted… eg Bruce Nassau 80…
    Problem is – I have a rubbish connection and uploading
    seems a lot more intensive/slower/expensive of
    allowance/etc than d/loading even !!

    Plus: I lack all of Mat’s generosity !! (that’s not a joke btw).

    SO can anybody offer advice on feasible uploading via
    pay as you go 100 kbps type connections

  7. As a post script

    I’ve often thought that in an ideal world, rather than Mat
    meeting re-up requests, somebody else who grabbed it
    previously uploads it. But then I know that’s “ideal world”
    stuff, and more to the point, a bit hypocritical coming
    from me (and my connection)…….

  8. You could always snail mail them to me 😉

    Slow connections suck for that sort of thing. I always appreciate it when folks send me stuff, but its not required. I’m just happy sharing all this great music.

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