Neil Young – USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)

Neil Young ‎
USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)
Arriba! ‎– ARR 93.045
Recorded Live In The USA 1990.

Download FLAC: Google Drive

From my CDR collection. I thought I had uploaded this before but I can’t find it.

1 Hey Hey My My 4:30
2 Rockin’ In The Free World 5:10
3 Old Laughing Lady 5:13
4 Razor Love 6:46
5 Don’t Let It Bring You Down 3:21
6 Someday 6:10
7 Crime In The City 7:53
8 Eldorado 7:14
9 Too Far Gone 3:34
10 Comes A Time 3:01
11 Needle And The Damage Done 2:55
12 No More 6:49
13 Ohio 3:37
14 Powderfinger

5 thoughts on “Neil Young – USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)

  1. if there is a full blown electric set then must be from the ‘Restless’ tour with the Lost dogs from jan/feb ’89. These shows however usually opened with ‘Comes A Time’. Setlist is actually more typical of the later japan/far east tour of april may 89. If the second disc is just the addition of Ben Keith and Frank then it is prob from US summer 89. Haven’t heard it yet, assuming it is AUD. Anything else will narrow things down considerably. Not trusting cover info from some 90s boot on a label i’ve never heard of. In any case there are no acoustic sets in 90, just the full blown Weld tour with the horse

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