Van Morrison – Copenhagen, Denmark (07/25/92)

Van Morrison
Copenhagen, Denmark

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: 2xsony ECm 155 -> Sony TC-D5M
Transfer: Master Cassette->Nagamichi->JoeMeek C2 compressor->Technics sh-8065->phillips cdr800->cdr->eac->flac
Taper: Honecker

01. Ordinary Life
02. Some Peace Of Mind
03. Cleaning Windows / Be Bop A Lula
04. Why Must I Always Explain
05. So Quiet In Here / That’s Where It’s At
06. I’m Not Feeling It Anymore
07. See Me Through / Soldier Of Fortune
08. Help Me
09. Foreign Window
10. By His Grace
11. Whenever God Shines His Light
12. Enlightenment
13. Star Of The County Down
14. – audience –
15. Vanlose Stairway / Trans-Euro Train
16. It’s All In The Game / Make It Real One More Time
17. In The Garden / Daring Night
18. Gloria

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