Bob Dylan – Pittsburgh, PA (08/09/08)

Bob Dylan
Pittsburgh, PA
(Southside Works)
{New American Music Union Festival}

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

source: AT943> SP-SPSB-6> Edirol R-09> wav
bit rate: 1411kbps
sample size: 16 bit
Channels: 2
sample rate: 44 kHz
format: PCM

Converted to FLAC with Trader’s Little Helper.


There’s noticeable crowd through a lot of the recording, though the music does overshadow it most of the time. I don’t think there’s too much up-front chatter. Any Dylan collector should find plenty of value in this, but perfectionists should probably skip it.

The sound quality likely changes slightly from time to time as I started out way back in the crowd, but gradually worked my way up as people filtered out early.

Free trade only. Never sell or profit from this recording in any way.

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