Bootlegs of the Day: February 27, 2023

Mondays are for Bob Dylan and I’ve got a lot of them for you today. As per usual it is a mix of new stuff and shows I previously posted. One or two of the shows were previously posted but I’ve added in a new source. When I do this I’m trying to remember to “fix” the text inside the original post to indicate the other sources, but I’m likely to forget that sometimes.

If you see something like that happening, please let me know. I’d hate for someone to come to a post, look only at the source info in the post and think they have everything, only to miss something that is in the Google Drive.

Van Morrison w/Bob Dylan – One Irish Rover

Bob Dylan – 1993.02.23 – Paris, France

Bob Dylan – 1993.02.25 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.12 – Louisville, KY

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.13 – Nashville, TN

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.14 – Nashville, TN

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.16 – Radford, VA

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.17 – Knoxville, TN

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.18 – Asheville, NC

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.21 – Monroe, LA

Bob Dylan – 1993.04.23 – New Orleans, LA

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.28 – Nottingham, England

Bob Dylan – 2022.10.30 – Glasgow, Scotland

Bob Dylan – 2022.11.07 – Dublin, Ireland

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