Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Howard Wales & Friends – Boston, MA (01/26/72)

Howard Wales and Friends (with Jerry Garcia)
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA
1/26/72 – 2 cds
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid:006635

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set One: (21 songs)
Southside Strut >
Up From The Desert >
One AM Approach >
Come On Baby >
Outer Space Regions >
Carry Me Back >
Bass Solo >
Get Funky Brother >
A Trip To What Next >
Would You Leave Me >
Wale’s Boogie
Get Down Mama (1) >
DC 502 (1) >
Drums (1) >
DC 502 (1)
Sweet Little Angel >
Sweet Cocaine >
Jam >
Fighting For Madge >
Don’t Judge A Book (2)

Gypsy Woman

Comments from the original uploader: (1) without Garcia. (2) Roger Troy introduces the band after Don’t Judge A Book. Jerry introduces the band after Wale’s Boogie. Band consists of Jerry Garcia, Howard Wales, Jim Vincent, Jerry Love & Roger Troy (aka Jellyroll). FM Broadcast WBCN. Many tapes don’t contain the encore, and honestly, I’m unsure of the correct name, though an encore was played.
Recordings: 100 FM
Contributors: Jeff Tiedrich, Ryan Shriver, Steve McHenry

From Dick Hitche analog collection. Dick is a friend of Dan’s who we have gotten a number of Quicksilver cd’s from. He has an amazing collection of other bands and some very tasty and rare dead. I believe that he recorded this show from FM to Reel to Reel and then to stand alone cd. He doesn’t have a computer so he sent me the cds. I extracted using EAC and then converted to shn.

The material of this show is I quess mainly Howard Wales tunes, not the normal Jerry songs that evolved later with M Saunders. The tracks do not quite match all of the differtent songs listed for the show, but some nice long “funky” jams. This I believe is one of the earliest Jerry Shows on tape and the sound quality is good. Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Howard Wales & Friends – Boston, MA (01/26/72)

  1. This is awesome! I had 11 tracks on my version, this is a great addition. Thanks Matt! Super funky stuff here.

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