Bob Dylan Cover Art

Someone over at Expecting Rain recently posted a link to a huge collection of Bob Dylan bootleg cover art. He allowed me to upload it all to my Amazon Drive and now I’m sharing it here. It is about 5 gigs worth and I don’t know how many thousands of images. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Cover Art

    • You don’t have to download it all at once. When you click on my link it takes you to the Amazon Drive and a folder labeled “Bob Dylan Art.” I assume you tried to download that. but if you click on that link it will take you inside to folders labeled by date. You should be able to download each one of those individually. Or if they are still too big you can go inside those folders and download each image individually. Or click on the boxes next to each image and download 10 at a time. Or however many you want.

      Additionally if you click on each image file it should let you see exactly what the image looks like so you can decide if you need it.

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