Bob Dylan – New York, NY (12/08/97)

Bob Dylan
Tonight I’ll Be Playing Here For You
Irving Plaza
New York City
December 8th 1997.

Download FLAC: Google Drive

I have two sources for this show. The first is listed below, the second has no source info but the folder is labeled “Tonight I’ll Be Playing Here For You”

soundboard recording

Silver CDs > LG GSA E60L Super-Multi > EAC Secure Ver 1.0 beta 3 >Wave >TLH Flac level 5 >Flac

(Silver CD rip by hofzinser on 2011-11-29)

artwork is included

Dandelion 83/84 [T-647]

Disc One.

Maggie’s Farm
Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
Cold Irons Bound
You’re A Big Girl Now
Can’t Wait
Cocaine Blues
To Ramona

Disc Two

Tangled Up In Blue
White Dove (Carter Stanley)
I And I
‘Til I Fell In Love With You
Highway 61 Revisited
Don’t Think Twice
Love Sick
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Notes: Alhough difficult to imagine, this release is a step up
in sound from Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You,
seemingly remastered to provide a bit more boost and fullness
to the already remarkable sound. A devastating set, beautifully packaged
with a 12 page cover/booklet, also boasting primo quality filler of
the Hyde Park, London 1996 broadcast. An essential listening experience.

12 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – New York, NY (12/08/97)

  1. this is the irving plaza component of WHITE DOVE (Dandelion) & unfortunately not PLAYING HERE (Scorpio).

    not a problem, though, WHITE DOVE is marginally better (both are almost perfect) & PLAYING HERE only had the Irving Plaza part, WHITE DOVE has the 1996 Hyde Park bonus tracks

    don’t freak out – this is still an astonishing performance in near perfect soundboard sound

  2. Bit of an all time classic this one, dandelion produced some truly great boots in this period. Scorpio brand is usually a TMoQ almost guarantee of best source for a particular boot. However some of Dandelion’s Dylan releases are simply stunning and this is one of ’em.

    ps A Thousand Highways has now reached Fall 2002. A simply stunning period for Bob gigs and as usual he has produced another cracker of a compilation albeit with a few surprising and debatable omissions.
    Reckons next week he’s gonna surpass it with Euro 2003 – Yeah right, that’s gonna take some doing! Those gigs featured a few stunning one-offs (who can forget Romance In Durango) but by and large that tour was ‘pants’ compared to the preceeding years. I’ve heard the Crystal Cats and as usual they sound better than the gig actually did! I remain however far from convinced but wait with feverish anticipation!
    Meanwhile enjoy this great sounding boot from the years before the ‘upsinging’, ‘step singing’, ‘clown hands’ piano and laringitus infected croking of 2003

  3. Before you 2003 fans start caning me – Let me just say thet Berlin was one of the greatest gigs Bob has played in ‘recent’ years. This however is totally out of step with the other gigs on the tour and as such totally unrepresentative.
    Seek it out if you are able, it’s one of those ‘one of those’ nights when Bob just fancies it for some reason.

    2003-10-20 – Berlin – ‘A Man Totally Into His Music’

    If you are just looking to pluck out a night stick to 1997-2002 and you’re quite likely to pull out a cracker, like this one in fact

  4. DylanDave – Totally agree on the post 2002 comments.
    Any chance you know where I could locate a copy of the Berlin show online?

    Thanks, Steve

  5. Steve,
    Don’t think i’ve ever seen it posted actually. Would be a damn good ‘Midnite’ exclusive. If Mat is up for the idea I could transfer up the files and if it isn’t chosen for posting I could always send you the direct d/l link. Got mine a few yaers back on CDR and i don’t torrent but i’m pretty sure it’s never had a ‘public’ posting.

    What do you think Mat? By the way did you manage to grab that last 78 zip yet?

    I’m sure some tracks will be featured on the upcoming ‘Thousand Highways’ – Can’t think where else he’s gonna find enough treasure for a whole disc at his usual quality levels.

  6. I love that idea Dave. Please send me the show and I’ll upload it as quick as I can.

    No, I didn’t get the remaining 78. I never got the link, actually. It was weird because I remember seeing the link pop up in my dropbox but when I actually went to download it, it was gone. Meant to say something but got busy and forgot. Send me the link again and I’ll try to grab it tonight.

    Sorry for being absent this week as well. In-Laws were in town and I’ve been busy entertaining them and as usual they sleep in the computer room so there were no late night activities to be had.

  7. Sure is Steve, and unlike most of the CDR type compilations you see around the place, he actually masters and edits his properly for a really good listening experience. I’ve disagreed with some of his track selections at times but so what, the guy is doing sterling work for us all!
    I particularly recommend the earlier studio compilations as they mop up the stuff that the ‘Bootleg Series’ left in the vauults

    Mat, no probs I suspected family forces were at work

    link sent, when i get confirmation i’ll do something with the Berlin gig

  8. Well the 1000 Highways 2003 compl is up. Haven’t listened but the material and versions are familiar – can’t believe only one Berlin track made it on, and no ‘Maggies Farm’ a real stompin’ opener on this tour and a rare moment of respite.

    Gonna let him have this one in respect for his work to date, and it is his blog after all. I would suggest that you read the notes, have a listen and draw your own conclusions – suffice to say that this is real cherry picking and the multitude of ex recorders he is probably referring to are more usually known as Crystal and her mate Cat!
    I note that the Love and Theft stuff has mostly been omitted. This largely overestimated and overly hyped material was already beginning to sound very tired and very average americana to my (admittedly self-trained) ears by this stage

    How many times can you listen to Bob croaking summer days in some soulless arena anyway?

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