Bob Dylan – Brisbane, Australia (03/14/78)

Bob Dylan
Festival Hall
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
14 March 1978

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01 – One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
02 – Blowin’ In The Wind
03 – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
04 – Just Like A Woman
05 – Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan-Jacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
06 – All Along The Watchtower
07 – The Man In Me

08 – band introduction

09 – Forever Young


10 – The Times They Are A-Changin’
11 – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Concert # 15 of the 1978 Far East Tour. 1978 concert # 15.
Concert # 15 with the Far East Band 1978:
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar),
Billy Cross (lead guitar),
Alan Pasqua (keyboards),
Steven Soles (rhythm guitar, backup vocals),
David Mansfield (violin & mandolin),
Steve Douglas (horns),
Rob Stoner (bass),
Bobbye Hall (percussion),
Ian Wallace (drums),
Helena Springs, Jo Ann Harris, Debbie Dye (background vocals).

1 instrumental without Bob Dylan.
4 Bob Dylan (harmonica).

Incomplete stereo audience recording, 50 minutes.

Collector’s note:

  • Most of the recorded tracks are CUT at the start or at the end or both.
    so I didn’t bother to mark them.

LB-07320 ; 46min ; 1CDR ; Rating: C-

3/14/78 Brisbane

lk series;

This is from my 1st gen tape. The same recording as LB-4159.

bittorrent download 03/09; this is a sort of close eac match on t2 to LB-4161;
that seems to have same flaws as this plus an extra discontinuity at the track boundary;
good sound [C-]
drops between tracks

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