Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – Passaic, NJ (03/05/77)

Peter Gabriel - Pasaic - 1977

Peter Gabriel
“First Time Ever”
Capitol Theatre
Passaic, NJ, USA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Recording

01 Here Comes The Flood 2:00
02 On The Air 4:45
03 Moribund The Burgermeister 4:35
04 Waiting For The Big One 7:59
05 Why Don’t We 6:59
06 Excuse Me 3:59
07 Humdrum 3:31
08 Solsbury Hill 4:39
09 Ain’t That Peculiar 4:20
10 Song Without Words (Indigo) 3:01
11 All Day And All Of The Night 3:37
12 Here Comes The Flood 5:55
13 Slowburn 5:06
14 Modern Love 4:20
15 Down The Dolce Vita 7:55
16 Back In N.Y.C 5:24

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – A Rare Tracks CD Collection (1976 – 2002)

Peter Gabriel - Rare Tracks Collection

Peter Gabriel
1976-2002 – A Rare Tracks CD Collection
Various lineups 1976-2002

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1:
RARE 1 – Ashcombe (Highland’s Ashcombe works revisited):
1) On The Air (instrumental) (4:59)
2) Bully For You (5:09)
3) Bully For You (instrumental) (4:43)
4) I Go Swimming (Ga Ga mix) (4:34)
5) I Go Swimming (Ga Ga vocal demo) (4:36)
6) Wallflower (demo) (4:16)
7) Milgram’s 37 (instrumental) (5:20)
8) That Voice Again (2:04) *
9) Mercy Street (demo) (1:33)
10) Strawberry Fields Forever (“All This And World War II”) (2:34)
11) Intruder (instrumental) (3:30)
12) Games Without Frontiers (instrumental) (6:20)
13) Start (saxless) (1:24)
14) I Don’t Remember (instrumental) (3:27) **
15) No Self Control (instrumental) (4:04)
16) Walk Through The Fire (instrumental) (3:54)
17) And Through The Wire (instrumental) (4:25)

Disc 2:
RARE 2 – Rare disc:
1) Summertime (“The Glory Of Gershwin” cd, 1994) (3:50)
2) Here Comes The > Flood On The Air (w/Bob Fripp – live at Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (6:21)
3) I Heard It Through The Grapevine (live 2nd 1977 tour – “Across The River” lp) (8:36)
4) All Day And All Of The Night (with Robert Fripp – live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (4:34)
5) Why Don’t We (live in Detroit, MI – March 1977) (6:54)
6) A Whiter Shade Of Punk (“A Whiter Shade Of Pale” – live in Boston, MA October 1978) (5:09)
7) Back In NYC (with Robert Fripp – live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (5:37)
8) interview (“Across The River” lp) (5:44)
9) Across The River (“Across The River” lp) (6:39)
10) Wallflower (live in Chile September 1993) (7:27)
11) My Heart Sounds Like That (live in Milano, It September 2002) (7:19) ***
12) I Grieve (live in Milano, It September 2002) (8:23)
13) Teddy Bear (“Across The River” lp) (2:14)

Disc 3:
RARE 3 – Guest disc (collaborations and guest-on shows):
1) Another Day In 1977 (live 1977 with Kate Bush) (3:39)
2) This Is The Picture (with Laurie Anderson, 1986) (3:19)
3) Gravity’s Angel (with Laurie Anderson) (6:11)
4) Qualquer Coisa A Haver Com O Paraiso (with Milton Nascimento) (7:01)
5) Fallen Angel (with Robbie Robertson) (5:55)
6) My Secret Place (with Joni Mitchell) (5:03)
7) Be Still (with Sinead O’Connor and Feargal Sharkey, 1993)(3:48)
8) While The Earth Sleeps (with Deep Forest, 1995) (6:24)
9) Reach Out, I’ll Be There (live with Steve Hackett- & Mike Rutherford 1983-01-28 – Guildford, UK) (4:28)
10) I Know What I Like (live with Steve Hackett & Mike Rutherford – 1983-01-28 – Guildford, UK) (6:03)
11) That’ll Do (with Randy Newman, Academy Award Nominees, Los Angeles 1999) (3:12)
12) Red Rain (with Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant, Witness, Los Angeles 1996) (4:43) $
13) Signal To Noise (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Witness, Los Angeles 1996) (6:08)
14) In Your Eyes (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Natalie Merchant and Joan Osborne, Witness, L.A. 1996) (6:00)
15) Warm Doorway (with Manu Katche, 1992) (3:16)

Disc 4:
RARE 4 – Rare live disc:
1) Ain’t That Peculiar (live – 1st tour 1977) (4:30)
2) Kiss Of Life (live) (5:08)
3) Not One Of Us (live in Leicester, UK, 1980) (5:13)
4) Humdrum (live at the Diplomat Hotel in New York, NY, 1980) (4:01)
5) Shosholoza (live 1st WOMAD Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK – 1982-07-16) (2:49)
6) Dog 1 Dog 2 Dog 3 (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK 1982-07-16) (7:13)
7) Indian Melody (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK – 1982-07-16) (10:46)
8) Across The River (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK 1982-07-16) (18:48)
9) D.I.Y. (rare live 1983) (3:07)
10) Intruder (rare live 1987) (5:37) =
11) San Jacinto (“Secret World” live missing song 1993) (8:23)

Disc 5: –

As all of these seem to have been officially released in some capacity I have removed them – Mat

RARE 5 – Studio disc:
1) Here Comes The Flood (alternate erly version) (5:14)
2) Party Man (5:40)
3) Suzanne (5:14)
4) Shosholoza (5:21)
5) Soft Dog (4:12)
6) Fisherman Song (1:17)
7) Walk Through The Fire (3:59)
8) In The Sun (6:40)
9) No More Apartheid (7:13)
10) Don’t Break This Rhythm (3:57)
11) Curtains (3:24)
12) Shaking The Tree (“Jungle 2 Jungle” soundtrack 1997) (5:34)
13) Bashi-Bazouk (4:45)
14) Love Town (5:29)
15) Taboo (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) (4:23)

Disc 6:
RARE 6 – More rare disc:
1) Not One Of Us (live early version late 1978) (3:27)
2) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Genesis classic live) (5:53)
3) No Self Control (live early version as “Don’t Know How To Stop” – Reading Festival, UK – 1979-08-26) (3:42)
4) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (live with Phil Collins – Reading Festival, UK – 1979-08-26) (7:44)
5) The Rhythm Of The Heat (alternate mix) (4:14)
6) In The Sun (6:39)
7) Love Town (live 1993) (6:12) &
8) In Your Eyes (alternate mix) (7:12)
9) Sledgehammer (alternate mix) (7:22)
10) That’ll Do (“Babe Pig In The City” soundtrack, 1988) (3:50)
11) I Grieve (“City Of Angels” soundtrack) (8:10)
12) Blood Of Eden (live with Sinead O’Connor) (7:00) #
13) Family Snapshot (live at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, 2002) (5:55) +

* Listed as instrumental but it’s sung.
** Vocals only appear on chorus.
*** “E questa Ë prima volta che suono questa canzone in pubblico, questa si chiama La Mia Testa Suona CosÏ”.
$ “Joined by Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant here’s a Peter Gabriel anthem and a lot of you came here…”.
= “Und Jetzt etwas uber den schovinismus von nationen”.
& Skips at 2:17, 2:24 and 5:53.
# “…Levon Minassian doudouk and (…) Sinead”
+ “Thank you very much…great to be back in the Garden…David, Ged, Richard, Melanie, Rachel…thank you…”.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Garbriel – Before the Flood – Demos 1975

peter garbriel - before the flood

Peter Gabriel
Before the Flood
Demos 1975
goody PitchFix version

Download: FLAC/MP3

Original FLACs >
goody – dBpowerAMP (Convert to WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Correction +47 cents) > TLH (FLAC, sigs)

01 Howling At The Moon 3:05
02 Excuse Me 3:42
03 Funny Man 4:27
04 No More Mickey (aka Richard MacPhail) 2:45
05 Get the Guns (listen carefully for the root of “Down the Dolce Vita”) 2:55
06 Here Comes the Flood 3:39
07 God Knows 4:59

These are evidently very early demos recorded for “car” (1976, Atco – Atco being Atlantic, a Warner subsidiary label). They are extremely raw; they may have been done in Gabriel’s home studio. Most are acoustic piano with a few accompanying support tracks and Peter singing.

The songs come from a white tape box marked: 7 1/2ips 1/4 trk stereo Gabriel/Hall Fuse Music

The lead sheets had the composer’s names given as “Peter Gabriel and Tony Hall” and were marked with a stamp from Fuse Music, England; they were merely lead melody transcriptions for copyright purposes, not hand-written by Gabriel or anything.

At that time, the best research i could come up with was that Fuse was somehow connected to Warner Bros (maybe like Sire was, but English; a sub-distribution deal?)… I later heard that the Fuse Music building burned down and took a whole lot of master tapes with it, and that this reel is quite probably the only surviving record of these demos.

This brown-oxide tape was discovered rotting in a water-soaked box shoved into a cleaning closet, along with the lead sheets, in a cavernous and seldom-used warehouse. It was lost/forgotten/abandoned. The tape had some warbley spots from the neglect and also quite a lot of tape hiss and lost tone.

I processed the material for several weeks before I was satisfied as to the quality, although “Get the Guns” was problemmatic to begin with; the Master appears to have been recorded badly or with misaligned heads. On the whole there is a tiny bit of tape hiss but no more than you’d expect from such a “live” environment. There is unfortunately one small glitch from a later cassette-to-cd transfer in “Excuse Me” (“Looking for Lost Angeleeeeee”) so don’t think it’s your file or player 🙂

Enjoy this very raw and simple glimpse into the creative process of Peter Gabriel.

(man-on-the-spot), June 2006

Pitch was approx. 47 cents flat. Corrected by goody. 5/7/07

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – New Haven, CT (11/12/86)

peter gabriel 1986

Peter Gabriel
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum
New Haven CT ( 4th Gen ) (DAVROS046)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Linage :- Tape Trade ( 2 x C60 T.D.K-D ) ( 4th Gen ) – Demon tape deck – Yamaha Reciever – Phono Leads Into PC Soundcard – Nero Wave Editor –
Wav – Tracks split – Traders Little Helper – Flac8 – SBE Checked – You.


06. MERCY STREET. ( Beginning Cut ).
15. BIKO.

From or original uploader
I got this tape about 18 months after the concert from a trader in the uk the quailty is good to very good at times.
The version of this on the Genesis database does not have the encores on it, this has both encores and is the full show.

Many many thanks to the trader for sending me a copy & for the taper for taping the show.

I hope you enjoy this show please if you want to upload it to other sites please wait a week or so as i will be uploading these shows to a couple of other torrent sites.
after it has run its course on here


This series is from my own personal collection they are NOT SOURCED FROM ANY CDRs / OTHER TORRENT SITES ETC.
They are from recordings that i traded for between 20 – 35 years ago on audio tape as stated above they have all been boxed up for the past 20 or so years.

This is the first time any of them have been Digitally transfered and torrented. All i am doing to the recordings in nero wave editor is inproving the volume ( if low), also equallizing the left and right channel where needed. Removing hiss etc ( If i can ).
Recordings in this series that have a generation linage are the correct linage as to what i was told when i was sent the recordings. Most of the traders i traded with where well known traders so i have no reason to believe they are not the true Linage if i had any doubt to the linage at the time i did not write it down on the tape so all the low generation recordings in this series have a well known and correct linage.

Please do not remaster any of theses If you wish to do remastering of this source find yourself a better quality version and remaster that.
This version is how i remembered hearing it all them years ago and how it sounded when it was recorded the way it should be heard.

Please also buy the bands offical stuff and support them etc.
Thanks to all the Artists for there great music and to all the traders for keeping live music alive.

Uploaded to Genesis- the movement by imaster1 (doctordavros) 15/08/2012

Many thanks Doctordavros ( one day the daleks will rule ).

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – San Francisco, CA (09/19/93)

3D Globe

Peter Gabriel
September 19 1993
Polo Field Golden Gate Park
San Francisco CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sounboard (quality A)

1 CD-R

Lineage: SBD > DAT @ 48 kHz > WAV > FLAC

1.1 Come Talk To Me 06:56
1.2 Steam 08:38
1.3 Across The River 03:58
1.4 Shaking The Tree 08:31
1.5 Blood Of Eden 06:30
1.6 Solsbury Hill 04:27
1.7 Sledgehammer 06:00
1.8 In Your Eyes 11:06

Total Running Time : 0:56:06

Peter Gabriel – Vocals / Keyboard / harmonica
Tony Levin – Bass Guitar
Manu Katche – Drums
David Rhodes – Guitars
Joy Askew – Keyboards / Vocals
Shankar – Violins
Jean-Claude Naimro – Keyboards
Sinead O’Connor – Vocals

Note from the original uploader: There is some audible distortion at the start of Come Talk To Me due to overloaded vocal mics. This gets better starting at around 3:30
into the track, and the mix improves even more shortly after that.

In the half of Solsbury Hill a group of people forces Peter to stay! Peter with calm voice says to the crowd: “As you can act in this way? The entire thing that we are making this evening regards the respect of the others”
Shortly afterwards music leaves again.