Lossless Bootleg Bonanaza: Grateful Dead – Philadelphia, PA (02/14/69)


Grateful Dead
Electric Factory,
Philadelphia, PA

Download: FLAC/MP3


101-d1t01 – //Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
102-d1t02 – Stage Banter
103-d1t03 – //Dark Star ->
104-d1t04 – St. Stephen ->
105-d1t05 – The Eleven ->
106-d1t06 – Lovelight
107-d2t01 – Morning Dew
108-d2t02 – Cryptical Envelopment ->
109-d2t03 – The Other One ->
110-d2t04 – Cryptical Envelopment ->
111-d2t05 – Death Don’t Have No Mercy

Notes from the original uploader:
It is possible that there is one less analog generation in thelineage (as listed at Deadlists). The sound quality is rather ragged despite fairly low levels of hiss, so this may simply be from old and degraded cassettes with only one analog generation.
Be warned.

-There is a minor splice just before the 7:00 mark in Schoolgirl from what sounds like a cassette recording overdub. It has been cut out and smoothed over with Sound Forge.
-There is a minor dropout in Dark Star roughly 18 minutes in.
-The splice in Lovelight occurs just after the 6:00 mark.
-The quality of the recording diminishes during the Cryptical Reprise where tape (not from the master) ran out. Overlapping tape segments were spliced seamlessly at this point using Sound Forge. Therefore, no music is lost although there is diminishing sound quality for the first half of the reprise.
-Alligator> Caution> Feedback> AWBYGN often mistakenly circulates at the end of this show, but is actually from 8-22-68.

This show may or may not be complete.

29 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanaza: Grateful Dead – Philadelphia, PA (02/14/69)

  1. Anyone have any trouble with this? I’m getting complaints that there is a virus warning. I’ve gotten that complaint a time or two with zippy and someone here (DylanDave probably) usually proffers a solution that works.

  2. Mat,

    I’ve d/ld the FLACs, scanned the zips with my newly updated Norton IS, then extracted archives and scanned folder again. All seems clean and OK

    Maybe somebody else has a different antivirus to try, but Norton is usually reliable

  3. Just to be safe i also just ran a quick full system scan and that was also clean

    Any windows user who is concerned they may have an infection should (after system scan with your UPDATED antivirus) download, update and THEN open and scan with Spybot (Search and Destroy) which is free and highly recommended. Particularly useful that you can update from outside the main program and before opening.

    I would aslo highly recommend a free browser plugin/addin called AdBlock plus, for a nice peaceful browsing experience, particularly on file hosting and ad sponsored streaming sites. Also helps to keep pc from getting too cluttered with cookie etc. I’ve tested it thoroughly with IE and also found it works particularly well with firefox, which is the best browser for managing free downloads anyway.

  4. Mat,

    part 2 of the mp3 d/l seems suspiciously small (2kb!!) reports as clean but you might want to check it – Norton claimed it contained 4 items!, but also reported it as clean. When Files misreport their size it is often an indication of corruption

  5. I think the problem is occurring before the files are downloaded. Every now and again I get complaints from folks that zippyshare is popping up as a spyware/virus site. I think they click the link on my blog and then get a warning that zippy is potentially dangerous, or it may be happening when they attempt to download the link.

    Its been noted in the comments here before and somebody had a reason for it. I think it may have something to do with the popups or something, can’t remember.

    Anyways I got a complaint about it and thought I’d toss it out here to see if anyone else is getting an error.

    Thanks for the MP3 heads up. I’ll reupload part 2 tonight. Or at least I’ll try.

  6. During my long process of trying to dnld a couple shows recently, using handset, I rcvd numerous “virus infection” pop-ups. I ignored them & simply moved on, under the assumption that they were nothing more than shady advertisers trying to use scare to tics to sell some scanner or something or just rope ppl in to more ads or possibly even attempts to harvest info. My actual installed Antivirus on the phone, never reported anything. I thinks sites like zippy are fraught w/such pop-ups. (although something DID recently “steal” my Ina gada da vida ring tone & now some native or generic ring makes me think somebody else’s phone is ringing, lol..

    Some of the popups are almost alarming.. Very “official” looking & stating that “your Android HTC evo v 4g has been infected w/so & so virus” blah blah blah. If they think I’m gonna pay ransom for my iron butterfly ring tone, not happening!

  7. I really can’t recommend AdBlock plus enough. It makes all kind of nasties go away before they even load on the page

    I’ve been testing it thoroughly with abs no issues at all. Also easy button on toolbar to switch off for a particular page if it is set to not load with such things running. I’ve only ever had to do that on one page. If anyone wants to install it just use the default settings, this doesn’t block absolutely everything but 95%+ and all the nasty stuff and those horrid bubble adverts with the video ads and such

    honestly folks give it a go

  8. ps i’m not saying it’s definitely related but i’ve never had a single issue with the zippyshare site and i’m running an old xp machine with just basic Norton IS (ANTIVIRUS+FIREWALL) no real time third party malware blockers or popup blockers etc

  9. This is funny.. 1st, hope I didn’t sound misleading re: zippy…was only saying I got numerous, but harmless as far as I can tell, pop-ups disguised as warnings of viruses, while I was there, but I have also rcvd them a couple times when I wasn’t there. Anyway, I have (or had?) what is supposed to be the best Android mobile Antivirus & I was gonna mention what it is. It’s a well known name, but I forgot what it is…so i went to look it up in my apps, but then I remembered I had installed some kind of stealth app for the Antivirus, to hide it & now, when I went thru the apps to figure out which one is really the Antivirus, I can’t remember or recognize anything in that regard. And so I either can’t find my Antivirus scanner or, maybe some virus stole it, (maybe along w/my ring tone..?). Now I have no idea how to find my Antivirus app or tell if it’s somehow been deleted. Damn

  10. This really sucks. You guys got me thinking to look at my Antivirus & now I can’t find it. I remember the name now is avast, but I can’t find it. How could it just disappear? (no wonder I haven’t seen any threats listed for a long time..)

  11. Jeff you could always just reinstall


    I can’t assist you with Google operating systems, other than to say if you wish to sell your soul to the devil you’d be better off going down to the crossroads. At least when it all goes wrong you can go home and play some mean guitar!

    Think i’d rather take my chances on an out of date xp build and some pay-as-you-go 3G internet. Assuming such things are available in the desert. Not for banking or shopping mind.

    meant to say before that i don’t just use the Adblock for security, truth is it has made some sites which had become almost unnavigable from revolting ads (like g101, turbobit q’ing page etc) into a pleasure once again. Now my browser doesn’t freeze and my pc no longer crashes or becomes choked with cookies.

  12. lol…well, guess I have to thank you guys at least partially, for alerting me to the mysterious loss of my Antivirus & re-securi-tizing. As I was saying, I had installed an option either from within avast or maybe from outside, which made the Antivirus stealth by setting up a fake app that didn’t look anything like a security app (I don’t know why..) & thought I forgot where to look, so I turned phone inside up & outside down, looking for it. When I couldn’t find it anywhere, it dawned on me to check the app store bcuz it tells you if you already have an app installed & it did not indicate so. So I reinstalled.

    I think possibly what happened is that I have too much crap on my phone using too much memory & seriously degraded performance, so awhile back I was forced to delete a bunch of apps & I bet what happened is when I went thru the list of apps, looking for victims to delete, I must’ve come across whatever the mundane looking stealth app disguising the real Antivirus & unknowingly deleted (technology comes back to bite me on the ass) the avast Antivirus. The irony never stops..

    Incidentally, the phones are pretty secure…. I’ve used phone for banking, stock trading, bill paying, etc etc, for many years & never had a problem. The secret tho, is to not have enuff money to ever worry about anyone bothering to take it, haha.. not that the (missing) anti-virus had much to do w/it.

  13. Oh & by the way… 4got2 add… I had already reinstalled by the time I saw your above post. By default, an android phone (mine at least) will not side-load apps from outside sites, like softonic, for (lol) security purposes & only from the app store. (that security feature can be overridden if desired). Always best to link direct to Android app store. Now back to attempting a few mean licks on my hollowed out black ax. Interestingly, the world didn’t end with my missing anti-virus, but just wait til I catch the guy who stole my inagaddadavida ring.

  14. Alright you guys are confirming what I was already expecting. Most likely this person got a pop up with a virus warning and though it was real. Its really freakin’ crappy that zippy uses crap pop ups like that but it seems like all of the free hosters do something similar.

    I’m going to continue using Zippy as most people seem to really like it.

  15. Zippy is great! truly unrestricted, i’m pulling 1.5-2MB/s on my new fibre link. All the other hosters are heading in the wrong direction and becoming meaner and more difficult for free users. Filefactory is still pretty useable but most of the others report fake user input errors etc to slow people down or put them off completely these days

  16. The original electric factory (which is where this show was) at 22nd & arch, was a strange & cool place. Fairly roomy inside but not really big enough for the gargantuan acts that played the. Having grown up in Philly I attended a few shows there. The only one I remember was Janis for $3. Unreal. Knowing me, I maybe attended the who and/or even this dead show, but memory of.. ahem… alot of those particular days is… uh…a bit spotty at best. I can tell you that right around d this time, I was driving a mister softee ice cream truck & had disconnected that mister softee tune & installed an 8 track & played this kind of stuff over the spkr & went to my hangout neighborhoods, instead of my assigned route. Obviously, I didn’t last a long time (esp since once I stopped the truck at a gas station to use bathroom & when I came out, some jerks had opened up the ice cream valves & threw the cones all over & it was a huge mess & loss of inventory). But that was nothing compared to what else happened before I lost the job… As I said, I went to my own neighborhood hangouts & sometimes & after all, it WAS 1969 & sometimes a little bit of “ice cream trading” took place, like for a little crappy weed. But what happened next was totally unexpected & changed my life forever. I had a friend come up to the truck & offer me a bottle of coke for a cone. We traded. But he kept looking at me funny. I asked him (as I was gulping down the coke) why the funny looks? He just laughed & kinda gestured or kept glancing at the bottle of coke. (I should interject here that at that point, I had not done anything except smoked some weed or some hash a few times). He pointed to the bottom of the bottle. I got the idea that maybe he put something in the drink but I didn’t really believe he would do something like that. But I kept drinking & looking. Finally, when I had exposed enuff of the bottom to see, there it was, or the little that was left, of what I later found out was…a genuine, bear/Owsley, 500 mg hit of of “orange sushine”.. I didn’t have all that much time to consider what was about to happen to me, but all I can say is I’ll never forget what happen over the next very long time……

    Anyway, not sure if I attended this dead show or not, but what I remember the most about the Electric Factory, besides all the black lites & day glow posters & paint everywhere, was the crazy, lean seats. Not really seats but they were like a long wooden box, with a head cushion & they stood up but were leaning like at a 50-60° angle, so you just kicked back, half standing up, half laying down, facing & listening to the music. I thought those boxes were the cats meow of cool. There was also…check this out…a small, kids like “playground apparatus”, much like you would see nowadays at a McDonald’s, except all painted dayglo w/blacklites everywhere. That place was crazy & everybody was tripping. I have a couple lo rez pics of the outside & inside if anyone is interested in seeing. It didn’t last for very long at that original location & was moved to one nor two other locales & went defunct. Man, what memories….umm…except I can hardly remember.. lol

  17. Did you get the photos & did you get a chance to look if there’s a hi Q copy of the j. Winter w/Janis show I mentioned. They were friends & homey’s so I thought at least the tracks w/winter might be a nice tribute.

  18. Apparently someone had the same idea as me. After last text, I decided to Google the show to see if anything came up pointing to a better resolution show than the very low bit rate copy I have, and the very 1st thing that came up is a 10+ mi long piece on YouTube. It shows a great pic of them playing together & presumably is the segment I mentioned to you from the Joplin show. I had a problem getting it to play on my phone w/poor Internet speed & overtaxed memory issue, but I bet that’s what it is. I’ll email you the link to check out.

  19. I got it to play & it’s indeed the segment from that show w/Johnny winter, except that it’s only 1 song. The audio I have is at least 2 numbers they did 2gether. The YouTube also has a series of great photos of the 2 of them, presumably from that show. I don’t know what is the song but she is singing get about “figuring she’s gotta get outta Texas…”. The blues guitar from Mr Winter in this is as good as it gets. Janis singing here is nothing short of hair raising & goose bumps. You can see from the photos that they are so happy w/ea other & the music & look like 2 little kids in heaven…which I reckon they are. The audio I have is the whole show. I really think it would be great if you posted this link. It’s only had 7k views.

  20. Jeff

    Janis at Boston Tea Part (Gardener Remaster) 11 dec 69 early show circulates as “One Hot Winter Night” . I got it from T.U.B.E. a long time back, quality is very good. 2 trax only with Johnny. First is usually listed as either ‘Ego Rock’ or ‘Port Arthur Blues’. Second as ‘Help Me Baby’

    Both also on the superb Janis boot box set ‘Blow All My Blues Away’

  21. Presumablt Johnny was already on the brown sugar by this time

    ‘Kick Hit 4 Hit Kicks u’ as John Lee put it and he meant it as a good friend to them both ‘It’s too heavy for your heart…’

    R.I.P. Johnny

    Another great one gone

  22. Ok yes that’s it & I figured it prolly was in wide circ but just wanted to make sure. I thought those 2 tunes w/winter would be nice to post here as a tribute even if it’s been around. I just watched a 10 min long interview supposed to be his last on 70th birthday. It was very difficult to watch. I knew nothing of his addictions (I’ve come to assume they (the big rockers from back in the day) all were. In the interview, several times he appears to be almost gasping for air, extremely nervous & sometimes looking close to passing out, esp the last few seconds of the interview. Tough to watch but he got thru it & had few interdsting things to say. Lol, if I heard him right, he said he did Janis 3 times, lol. One hell of a blues guitarist & singer, that’s for sure. I’m gonna have to try to put together a transfer of the show I taped with the few wow & flutter problems. My guitar frustration is that every time I pick the guitar up, I can’t help but try to play like he did except I can’t, but sometimes I can for a few seconds at a time. His style of full tilt flourishes is what I can never stop trying get to do. R.I.P.

  23. Must have been a difficult watch. I’ve seen some footage of him gigging, sitting down and putting down some heavy licks in recent years. i was lucky to catch him at close range in a relatively small venue in london in the early 90s when he was still running on full power. After a decade on the nasty stuff in the 70s, another decade on all kinds of stuff in the 90s and the stroke he suffered about 8-9 years ago, we should consider ourselves lucky that we had him around for as long as we did.

    At least one survivor (out of three) of John Lee’s grim prediction. Had a big impact on me the first time I heard that track. It was on one of the first John Lee Hooker albums I got when i started collecting as many as possible on vinyl as a teenager in the 80s.

    Along with Mike Bloomfield the finest white blues guitar payer from America IMHO.

  24. Hi Mat!

    I hope all is well. I just found your blog & really enjoy it. I love the Grateful Dead this period is my favorite era of live shows. I hope you can solve the mystery of the second part of the mp3 because this show is a barn burner! Keep up the good work!



  25. Whoa…surely you can’t leave srv out of that group, can you?… nah..

    The interview is on YouTube. You’re correct it was very difficult to watch & I recommend not watching it. It was horrible, but at least he did his best to do the interview. Those 2 songs he did w/Janis in Boston were/are a great thing to listen to. The pics from the YouTube video link of the 1st tune (10 min) about getting out of Texas are great pics & the last one tells you yeah, he did her at least 1 of those 3 times that nite, lol.

    Well at least he made it to 70. W/o all the crap he prolly would made it to 100..

    I still have to put together the James cotton/BB King & then I think I’ll see how viable the j. Winter show is. The wow & flutter parts will have to be removed, unless you know of anything or anyone capable of fixing that which I doubt. But it was intermittent, not continuous & I think it only comprised less than 10 percent of play time & I think you guys told me it wasn’t shown as any other sources, so I’ll try to get to it. But now this lappy is overheating & malfunctioning also. We had 3 record days in a row here. 113, 114 & today (yest) was 116. During this time, my a/c died & so did I almost..

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