Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (12/17/95)

Van Morrison
From Dublin Up To Sandy Row
Live at the Point Depot
Dublin Ireland
December 17th, 1995

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Ain’t That Loving You Baby?
No Religion
Days Like This
That’s Life
Wonderful Remark
Saint Dominic’s Preview
Listen To The Lion
Slim Slow Slider
Vanlose Stairway, TransEuro Train
Irish Heartbeat
Tupelo Honey, Why Must I Always Explain?
Whenever God Shines His Light
In The Garden / You Send Me
Star Of The County Down
I’m Not Feeling It Anymore
Madame George
Brown Eyed Girl
Have I Told You Lately

Source 1:

From Dublin Up On Sandy Row
FM soundboard
4 official tracks omitted

per vanomatic, there are 4 of these tracks which have been officially released and so they have been omitted from this torrent:
Ain’t that loving you baby,
That’s Life,
Moondance, and

lineage: got these flacs from a vantrades top 12 show vine flac dvd. they decoded without errors a few minutes ago.

comments: still loads of great stuff here even w/o the 4 missing tracks. enjoy!!!
info from hayward database files:

This 2-CD set includes the complete FM broadcast from The Point Theatre, Dublin on December 17th, 1995
Re-release notes: “The original numbered series of this recording has been depleted”
The quality is reported to be absolutely stunning – better than some of Van’s commercial live records. It’s a limited edition set – copies appear to be individually numbered – limited run of 250. It has a total running time of just under two hours. Sound really is sensational. The package is described as ‘classy’.
Review by Niall Connors:
Given that the 17.Dec.95 show from The Point Depot in dear, dirty Dublin was captured four years back on The Night Was Full Of Space boot, it was noteworthy how much “press” the soon-to-be-circulated From Dublin Up To Sandy Row received in the Van-List circles.
Well, the hype was worth it. While the sound on NWFOS is solid, the sound on FDUTSR is flawless; in my opinion, it is better than on the live commercial release, A Night In San Francisco.
This is the third Van show of which I am aware that the Tonight Only label has released, and they seem to know they had something special here. A couple of blurbs from the very sharp artwork: “Tonight Only is proud to present the definitive recording of one of the definitive Van Morrison concerts of the 1990’s . . . .The pristine recording you hold in your hands is released with a very limited pressing of just 250 copies, each one numbered to enhance its value as a rare record of a spectacular concert at Dublin’s Point Depot.”
The setlist speaks for itself, and Van’s performance is simply “on”; even “Moondance” works! But the value of this recording is the sound, which has a richness and complexity, as well as subtlety, that TNWFOS lacks. Guy Barker’s sax solo on “That’s Life” absolutely shimmers, and one can literally feel Alec Dankworth’s fingers on the up-right bass during “Why Must I Always Explain”.
I have no affiliation with Tonight Only, so I can say without influence that this is a classic boot.
Part of the unofficial website

Source 2:

The Night Was Full of Space

MOONTUNES: Moon 021/22
Licensed from “The Razor’s Edge”
Released 1996

SOURCE: Factory Pressed Discs > EAC > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries

300dpi Artwork Scans

JTT, January 2012

Bonus Tracks:


Source 3:

From Dublin Up To Sandy Row
(bootleg CD) A Numbered Limited Edition
Live at the Point Depot Dublin Ireland, December 17th, 1995 – An absolutely superb recording. Quality: A++

Tonight Only (TO 99/011-012;
re-released as TO 02/25-26)
(Released June 1999;
re-released circa September 2002)

Source 4:

‘From Dublin Up To Sandy Row’ (bootleg CD)
Tonight Only (TO 99/011-012; re-released as TO 02/25-26)
(Released June 1999; re-released circa September 2002)

contrast clause: this is different from the Moontunes version shared here last September by eddiethecat entitled ‘The Night was Full of Space’.
this is a different mix, sources i don’t know about.
uploaders lineage: vantrades ‘top 12 VM shows’ data vine dvd copy > harddrive > upload flacs decoded without error. this ‘Dublin Up To Sandy Row’ had the most votes for best boot in that 2007 poll. i was hoping for a documented silver disk rip upload to appear, but since it hasn’t yet, i will offer this. files are dated 04/22/2007, just made a ffp with traders little helper.. no text file or lineage came on the dvd and i don’t remember if that info was shared at vantrades. this rip came with what i assume is the first release front cover artwork, if the representation from the hayward website is accurate. The info below is from their page. if you haven’t already, enjoy!

0 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (12/17/95)

  1. your friend freemorrison has a link to show I reallly want Van Morrison 1987-07-19 Alive In The Mystery but I cant seem to download from his site – and cant get an invitation to do so.

    Can you be of any help?

    If you want to talk about this off line – please let me know


  2. Ooops, sorry forgot that demonoid needs registration. I am a member but I think I’m not active enough to get the ability to send invites to other. Just sent a message to my friend and will let you know if I can get an invite for you.

    Also you can just try back periodically because they sometimes allow people to sign up without an invite.

  3. Nice! Real nice! So do you think Van really is going to start to allow posting of his shows. I sure hope so. thanks so much for this, I hope you don’t get any heat from his web sheriffs.

  4. Word on the street is that the Web Sheriff is no longer affiliated with Van. I’m still taking precautions though. I didn’t upload this show at all, merely posting the link to it that was uploaded by someone else.

  5. Amazing! Amazing! Thank you so much for posting this… I have every Van studio album (in some cases in CD and vinyl) so items like this are a real treat to a collector like me. Thanks so much!

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