Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Hamilton, Canada (10/31/96)

neil young - hamilton canada - 1996 - dancing in the sunset hues

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Dancing In The Sunset Hues
Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1996-10-31 (tracks 101 to 301)
1996 Various (tracks 302-311)
Tour : 1996 Broken Arrow Canadian Tour with Crazy Horse

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: File Download & CDR trade > EAC > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC

Quality: A-

Disc 1
01 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
02 Cowgirl In The Sand
03 Big Time
04 Pocahontas
05 The Needle And The Damage Done
06 Helpless
07 Comes A Time
08 I Am A Child
09 Scattered
10 Cinnamon Girl
11 The Loner
12 Natural Beauty

Disc 2
01 F*ckin’ Up
02 Music Arcade
03 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
04 Stupid Girl
05 Rockin’ In The Free World
06 Prisoners Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
07 The Losing End
08 Welfare Mothers
09 Dangerbird
10 Powderfinger
11 Slip Away

Disc 3
01 Roll Another Number
02 The Needle And The Damage Done (Barrie, ON 08-31)
03 Campaigner (Edmonton, AB 10-24)
04 Helpless (Montreal, QC 11-07)
05 When You Dance (Montreal, QC 11-07)
06 Out Of My Mind (Hartford, CT 11-08)
07 Long May You Run (George, WA 09-14)
08 Changing Highways (Sacramento, CA 09-16)
09 Cortez The Killer (Sacramento, CA 09-16)
10 Sedan Delivery (Sacramento, CA 09-16)
11 Tonight’s The Night (Sacramento, CA 09-16)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Santa Monica, CA (11/xx/69)

neil young 1969

Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Santa Monica Civic
recorded nov. 1969
broadcast 28 mar 70 KUSC-FM, Los Angeles
Master 7″ reel (3.5 ips) > metal cass. > DAT > CDR > Flac

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. on he way home (beg slightly cut)
2. i am a child
3. everybody’s alone
4. i believe in you
5. birds
6. nowadays, Clancy cant even sing
7. blank tape
8. down by the river
9. wonderin’
10. band intros and “first time playing in L.A.” comment
11. baby, lets go downtown
12. station i.d. “mountain tuning” comment
13. cinnamon girl
14. cowgirl in the sand
15. everybody knows…
16. winterlong

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Morrissey – London, England (09/20/15)

morrissey - london - 2015

Eventim Apollo
Hammersmith, London
20th September 2015

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Intro
02. Suedehead
03. Alma Matters
04. Speedway
05. Ganglord
06. Staircase At The University
07. Kiss Me A Lot
08. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
09. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
10. Istanbul
11. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
12, I’m Not A Man
13. Band Intros
14. The Bullfighter Dies
15. Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
16. Yes, I Am Blind
17. Oboe Concerto
18. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
19. Meat Is Murder
20. You’ll Be Gone (Presley,West,Hodge)
21. Everyday Is Like Sunday
22. What She Said / Outro

Morrissey – vocals
Jesse Tobias – guitar
Boz Boorer – guitar, clarinet, vocals
Mando Lopez – bass
Matt Walker – drums
Gustavo Manzur – keyboards, guitar, didgeridoo, trumpet, vocals

From the original uploader:
This is my recording
Front Balcony Left
Olympus LS10 16 bit>adobe audition>cd wave
>traders little helper>flac level 8
recorder __rimbaud__

Great atmosphere in the packed room tonight, maybe that’s because of the announcement that this clutch of shows are “most likely” the last ever in the UK
or maybe just because it’s Morrissey, and the devotion is always a notch above with his audience, the majority of whom looked like they’ve been there (just like me) throughout the 30 odd years.
I think Morrissey was maybe about to tell us that the Elvis cover (You’ll Be Gone) he just played was only one of a couple that Elvis co wrote, and that when he played it to Priscilla, she didn’t like it much
so he never attempted to write another, when the power went out, whatever, both the song & the power cut felt like a fitting metaphor.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Mark Knopfler – London, England (05/28/08)

Mark Knopfler - London - 2008\

Mark Knopfler
Royal Albert Hall
London, England
28th May, 2008

Download: FLAC/MP3

CD 1 360.95mb
01. Cannibals
02. Why Aye Man
03. What It Is
04. Sailing To Philadelphia
05. True Love Will Never Fade
06. The Fish And The Bird
07. Hill Farmer’s Blues
08. Romeo & Juliette
09. Sultans Of Swing
10. Band Intros
11. Marbletown

CD 2 286.46mb.
01. Joe Brown Intro
02. Picture Of You (Joe Brown on lead vocal & guitar)
03. Donegan’s Gone (Joe Brown on backing vocal & guitar)
04. Speedway At Nazareth
05. Telegraph Road
06. Brothers In Arms
07. Our Shangri La
08. So Far Away
09. Going Home.

Mark Knopfler – guitar, vocals
John McCusker – fiddle, cittern, flutes
Matt Rollings – keyboards, vocals
Danny Cummings – drums, percussion
Guy Fletcher – keyboards, guitars, vocals
Richard Bennett – guitar, etc.
Glenn Worf – bass, vocals
Joe Brown – Guitar & vocals, CD2, tracks 1 & 2.

From the original uploader:
This is my own recording from row 14, center in the arena floor. As far as I know, this show hasn’t surfaced yet. I’ve checked Dime & Hungercity regularly hoping it would appear, but it hasn’t, so here’s my recording.

It’s probably a 9/10, with a very focused sound. The vocal is up-front & defined, except for Sultans Of Swing where I think the mic volume wasn’t raised to accommodate the increased volume of the band.

The guitar rings through as clear as a bell & the ambience of the venue adds a richness to the overall sound, without washing out the sound too much. I’m very pleased with it & hope you will be too.

The Joe Brown tracks are a nice addition & it was good to see him appear as a surprise guest. Funnily enough, I’ve seen Mark & Joe play Donegan’s Gone twice at the Albert Hall (1st time was at the Lonnie Tribute Concert in 2004).
I’ll also be at Joe’s show at the RAH in September at which Mark will be a guest, and no doubt they’ll play it again!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)

neil young - usa 1990 the acoustic set

Neil Young ‎
USA 1990 (The Acoustic Set)
Arriba! ‎– ARR 93.045
Recorded Live In The USA 1990.

Download: FLAC/MP3

From my CDR collection. I thought I had uploaded this before but I can’t find it.

1 Hey Hey My My 4:30
2 Rockin’ In The Free World 5:10
3 Old Laughing Lady 5:13
4 Razor Love 6:46
5 Don’t Let It Bring You Down 3:21
6 Someday 6:10
7 Crime In The City 7:53
8 Eldorado 7:14
9 Too Far Gone 3:34
10 Comes A Time 3:01
11 Needle And The Damage Done 2:55
12 No More 6:49
13 Ohio 3:37
14 Powderfinger

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Mark Knopfler – Las Vegas, NV (07/21/05)

Mark Knopfler - Las Vegas - 2005

Mark Knopfler
The Joint
Las Vegas, USA
21st July 2005
Source Soundboard
Format 2CD-R

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 – Why aye man
02 – Walk of life
03 – What it is
04 – Sailing to Philadelphia
05 – Romeo and Juliet
06 – Sultans of swing
07 – Done with Bonaparte
08 – Song for Sonny Liston
09 – Donegan’s gone

01 – Boom, like that
02 – Speedway at Nazareth
03 – Telegraph road
04 – Brothers in arms
05 – Money for nothing
06 – So far away

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Antiques & Curios

Pink Floyd - Antiques and Curios

Pink Floyd
“Antiques and Curios”
rare live performances and other strangeness
produced by Jim Shoes and the Barkin’ Dogs

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is a disc of unusual, unique or otherwise rare live performances. It takes quite a lot of trading to hear all these odd tracks, so I thought a compilation might be in order. This is by no means a collection of the “definitive” versions of these performances, although many of them are appearing here in improved versions from what normally circulates. It’s a mixed bag, in any case, but sound quality was not the deciding factor, as you will see…
This is an excellent disc for those who are not the ‘hard core’ collectors, although some of this will interest you types as well.

1) Green is the Colour [3:20]

2) Careful With That Pipe Wrench, Larry [3:19]
from BBC Night Ride, May, 12, 1969
Ok, now what the hell is this doing on a “rareties” disc? Well, these tracks are often missing and/or replaced with the 1970 versions on many a RoIO, even some of the ‘definitive’ BBC collections These tracks are almost as rare as the 1970 ‘Fat Old Sun’ broadcast found on Harvested’s ‘Mooed Music’. These have the bird sounds, and ‘careful’ isn’t quite a normal version (ergo, my not-so-normal title). I would be interested to know if anyone has these tracks in pristine quality, as these are not ideal. [VG]
‘In Memoriam 1967-1981’ Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl.

3) Main Theme from ‘More’ [10:25]
Town Hall, Birmingham, Feb. 11, 1970
It’s a cryin’ shame this wasn’t played “more” often. some digital tinkering happened here to squeeze what could be squeezed out of this. I think it sounds better than the ususal versions, but it’s still not great. The performance, however, is incredible. This infact may be nick mason’s finest moment. flamboyant, yet always tasteful. [VG]
‘In Memoriam 1967-1981’ Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl.

4) Moonhead [7:39]

5) The Pict Rant [3:50]
Ernst-Merke Halle, Hamburg, Nov. 14, 1970
A rare complete performance of Moonhead (aka ‘Corrosion’), followed by one of Roger’s best and most, um, vigorous, ‘Pict Rants’. This comes from a clone of the master tape, and sounds better than the ‘Grooving With a Pict’ RoIO of this show. [EX-]
Hamburg 1970 (DFA-013) CD-R

6) Home Again [1:45]

7) Mortality [3:30]
The Dome, Brighton, Jan. 20, 1972
The only instrumental performance of ‘Home Again’ (aka ‘Breathe reprise’) along with the ‘preacher tape’ organ noodling. Dave shows off with the voxbox guitar thing. I like this version quite a bit. Mortality ends about a minute earlier than on the source tape, because a loud and noise kicks in, as their PA system started to fail. An editorial decision was made to remove this unpleasantness from this release. It’s just a bit more of the same organ fluff and sound effects, so it’s not like there is anything ‘important’ compromised. [EX]
The Darkside Rehearsals CD

8) Have a Cigar [5:07]
Knebworth Festival, UK, July 5, 1975
The last show of the 1975 tour, and the only live version with Roy Harper. After hearing this, you’ll be grateful there’s only one. Sound quality is not so hot, and the performance, is, well, tired. I’m sorry this turkey is in here, but hey. [VG-]
Knebworth Park (Digital Floyd Project) CD-R

9) Pigs on the Wing pt.2 [3:39]
Olympic Stadium, Montreal, July 6, 1977
Roger shares some love with the audience. Later in the show he had more to share. This comes from a better source than ‘Azimuth Coordinator’, and one might be inclined to speculate that this is but a taste of things to come. Indeed. Nice solo from Snowy White. [EX+]
Fireworks Show in the Canadian Walls CD-R

10) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [8:16]
LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 1980
I could write a book on this ‘song’, but i won’t. This is the last piece of new music from the 4-man lineup, the extra jam played on the first night of the Wall tour. It’s a variation on an instrumental version of breathe (hmm, sound familiar?), was probably ‘written’ by dave gilmour, as he was the ‘music director’ for the shows, and i’ll bet it was rehearsed once or twice. Often assumed to be a one-time improv jam to cover a lag in the stage show, it was infact played TWICE… [EX]
Azimuth Coordinator vol3 CD

11) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [3:16]
LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 1980
…and this is the other performance. It’s a different arrangement, and about half as long as the night before. A true gem; performance-wise, I like this one better. but the sound quality is not as nice as the other. I didn’t do the vinyl ‘remastering’ on this one, and there is too much noise reduction for my taste. [VG]
A Little Black Book With my Poems In CD-R remastered from LP

12) Celestial Voices [9:13]
Royal Albert Hall, June 26, 1969
The only live performance of this with a choir and orchestra. 9 minutes long, this whopper originates from a better source than what usually circulates of this show. [VG]
Pink Floyd in Concert with the Azimuth Co-Ordinator CD-R

13) Brain Damage/Lunar Eclipse (RoIO Remix 2000) [5:30]
Studio and Guild Hall, Portsmouth Jan 21, 1972
How’s THAT for a tacky title? This is a combination of three oddities: The quadraphonic mixdown of Brain Damage from “Works”, the guitar solos shown in the studio excepts of the Live at Pompeii movie, and the first performance of “Eclipse” (the song) at Portsmouth. Except, that it ain’t quite a song yet, as you will hear. My edits are basically passable, but this is in NO WAY to be considered a rare studio outtake. I (ME) made this, for your amusement only.
[Studio/EX-] sources:
Works Vinyl LP
Pompeii Soundtrack Vinyl LP (Edgar Rubabande)
Eclipse of the Dark Side a Piece for Assorted Lunatics CD

14) A Bonus Mystery Track… [EX+]

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Peter Gabriel – A Rare Tracks CD Collection (1976 – 2002)

Peter Gabriel - Rare Tracks Collection

Peter Gabriel
1976-2002 – A Rare Tracks CD Collection
Various lineups 1976-2002

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1:
RARE 1 – Ashcombe (Highland’s Ashcombe works revisited):
1) On The Air (instrumental) (4:59)
2) Bully For You (5:09)
3) Bully For You (instrumental) (4:43)
4) I Go Swimming (Ga Ga mix) (4:34)
5) I Go Swimming (Ga Ga vocal demo) (4:36)
6) Wallflower (demo) (4:16)
7) Milgram’s 37 (instrumental) (5:20)
8) That Voice Again (2:04) *
9) Mercy Street (demo) (1:33)
10) Strawberry Fields Forever (“All This And World War II”) (2:34)
11) Intruder (instrumental) (3:30)
12) Games Without Frontiers (instrumental) (6:20)
13) Start (saxless) (1:24)
14) I Don’t Remember (instrumental) (3:27) **
15) No Self Control (instrumental) (4:04)
16) Walk Through The Fire (instrumental) (3:54)
17) And Through The Wire (instrumental) (4:25)

Disc 2:
RARE 2 – Rare disc:
1) Summertime (“The Glory Of Gershwin” cd, 1994) (3:50)
2) Here Comes The > Flood On The Air (w/Bob Fripp – live at Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (6:21)
3) I Heard It Through The Grapevine (live 2nd 1977 tour – “Across The River” lp) (8:36)
4) All Day And All Of The Night (with Robert Fripp – live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (4:34)
5) Why Don’t We (live in Detroit, MI – March 1977) (6:54)
6) A Whiter Shade Of Punk (“A Whiter Shade Of Pale” – live in Boston, MA October 1978) (5:09)
7) Back In NYC (with Robert Fripp – live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA – April 1977) (5:37)
8) interview (“Across The River” lp) (5:44)
9) Across The River (“Across The River” lp) (6:39)
10) Wallflower (live in Chile September 1993) (7:27)
11) My Heart Sounds Like That (live in Milano, It September 2002) (7:19) ***
12) I Grieve (live in Milano, It September 2002) (8:23)
13) Teddy Bear (“Across The River” lp) (2:14)

Disc 3:
RARE 3 – Guest disc (collaborations and guest-on shows):
1) Another Day In 1977 (live 1977 with Kate Bush) (3:39)
2) This Is The Picture (with Laurie Anderson, 1986) (3:19)
3) Gravity’s Angel (with Laurie Anderson) (6:11)
4) Qualquer Coisa A Haver Com O Paraiso (with Milton Nascimento) (7:01)
5) Fallen Angel (with Robbie Robertson) (5:55)
6) My Secret Place (with Joni Mitchell) (5:03)
7) Be Still (with Sinead O’Connor and Feargal Sharkey, 1993)(3:48)
8) While The Earth Sleeps (with Deep Forest, 1995) (6:24)
9) Reach Out, I’ll Be There (live with Steve Hackett- & Mike Rutherford 1983-01-28 – Guildford, UK) (4:28)
10) I Know What I Like (live with Steve Hackett & Mike Rutherford – 1983-01-28 – Guildford, UK) (6:03)
11) That’ll Do (with Randy Newman, Academy Award Nominees, Los Angeles 1999) (3:12)
12) Red Rain (with Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant, Witness, Los Angeles 1996) (4:43) $
13) Signal To Noise (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Witness, Los Angeles 1996) (6:08)
14) In Your Eyes (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Natalie Merchant and Joan Osborne, Witness, L.A. 1996) (6:00)
15) Warm Doorway (with Manu Katche, 1992) (3:16)

Disc 4:
RARE 4 – Rare live disc:
1) Ain’t That Peculiar (live – 1st tour 1977) (4:30)
2) Kiss Of Life (live) (5:08)
3) Not One Of Us (live in Leicester, UK, 1980) (5:13)
4) Humdrum (live at the Diplomat Hotel in New York, NY, 1980) (4:01)
5) Shosholoza (live 1st WOMAD Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK – 1982-07-16) (2:49)
6) Dog 1 Dog 2 Dog 3 (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK 1982-07-16) (7:13)
7) Indian Melody (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK – 1982-07-16) (10:46)
8) Across The River (live w/Shankar & Copeland, 1st WOMAD festival, Shepton Mallet, UK 1982-07-16) (18:48)
9) D.I.Y. (rare live 1983) (3:07)
10) Intruder (rare live 1987) (5:37) =
11) San Jacinto (“Secret World” live missing song 1993) (8:23)

Disc 5: –

As all of these seem to have been officially released in some capacity I have removed them – Mat

RARE 5 – Studio disc:
1) Here Comes The Flood (alternate erly version) (5:14)
2) Party Man (5:40)
3) Suzanne (5:14)
4) Shosholoza (5:21)
5) Soft Dog (4:12)
6) Fisherman Song (1:17)
7) Walk Through The Fire (3:59)
8) In The Sun (6:40)
9) No More Apartheid (7:13)
10) Don’t Break This Rhythm (3:57)
11) Curtains (3:24)
12) Shaking The Tree (“Jungle 2 Jungle” soundtrack 1997) (5:34)
13) Bashi-Bazouk (4:45)
14) Love Town (5:29)
15) Taboo (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) (4:23)

Disc 6:
RARE 6 – More rare disc:
1) Not One Of Us (live early version late 1978) (3:27)
2) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Genesis classic live) (5:53)
3) No Self Control (live early version as “Don’t Know How To Stop” – Reading Festival, UK – 1979-08-26) (3:42)
4) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (live with Phil Collins – Reading Festival, UK – 1979-08-26) (7:44)
5) The Rhythm Of The Heat (alternate mix) (4:14)
6) In The Sun (6:39)
7) Love Town (live 1993) (6:12) &
8) In Your Eyes (alternate mix) (7:12)
9) Sledgehammer (alternate mix) (7:22)
10) That’ll Do (“Babe Pig In The City” soundtrack, 1988) (3:50)
11) I Grieve (“City Of Angels” soundtrack) (8:10)
12) Blood Of Eden (live with Sinead O’Connor) (7:00) #
13) Family Snapshot (live at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, 2002) (5:55) +

* Listed as instrumental but it’s sung.
** Vocals only appear on chorus.
*** “E questa Ë prima volta che suono questa canzone in pubblico, questa si chiama La Mia Testa Suona CosÏ”.
$ “Joined by Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant here’s a Peter Gabriel anthem and a lot of you came here…”.
= “Und Jetzt etwas uber den schovinismus von nationen”.
& Skips at 2:17, 2:24 and 5:53.
# “…Levon Minassian doudouk and (…) Sinead”
+ “Thank you very much…great to be back in the Garden…David, Ged, Richard, Melanie, Rachel…thank you…”.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Mark Knopfler – Copenhagen, Denmark (06/10/96)

Mark Knopfler - Copenhagen 1996

Mark Knopfler
The Forum
Copenhagen, Denmark
10th June 1996.

Download: FLAC/MP3


1. Intro
2. Darling pretty
3. Walk of life
4. Imelda
5. The bug
6. R¸diger
7. Je suis dÈsolÈ
8. Calling Elvis
9. I’m the fool
10. Last exit to Brooklyn
11. Romeo and Juliet
12. Sultans of swing


1. Done with Bonaparte
2. Father and son
3. Golden heart
4. Cannibals
5. Telegraph road
6. Brothers in arms
7. Money for nothing
8. OlÈ, olÈ
9. The long highway
10. Going Home (Local Hero)

Additional comments:
Perfect soundboard recording! Unlike the previous version, all songs are in perfect sound and the concert is 100% complete. No missing ending of Romeo and Juliet this time and finally Long Highway and Going Home are featured on this recording. Just before Long Highway, Mark Knopfler says: “We will be thinking of you on the way up to Oslo… ” Truely a great concert with good dynamics, highly recommended is you want a good impression of the Golden Heart tour in perfect sound.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Paul Simon – Uniondale, NY (06/10/73)

paul simon - amsterdam - 1973

Paul Simon
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, NY, USA
June 10, 1973
JF Archive Vol. 11 via JEMS

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: unknown

Source: unknown recorder > unknown microphone (mono)

JEMS 2015 Transfer: Low generation reel > Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer >
USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture (16/44) > IZotope RX > Peak 6.0 pitch adjustment > Audacity (track split, volume smoothing, edit) > FLAC

01 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
02 Run That Body Down
03 Was A Sunny Day
04 American Tune (So Far Away From Home)
05 El Condor Pasa
06 Duncan (cut, faded out)
07 Instrumental (cut, faded in)
08 The Boxer (cut, faded out)
09 Mrs. Robinson (cut, faded in)
10 Congratulations (faded out, tape flip)
11 Kodachrome (faded in, tape flip)
12 Homeward Bound (cut, faded out)
13 Something So Right (cut, faded in)
14 Mother And Child Reunion
15 The Sound Of Silence
16 Jesus is the Answer (cut, faded out)
17 Bridge Over Troubled Water > (cut, faded out)
18 Loves Me Like A Rock (cut, faded in)
19 America >
20 Bye Bye Love (end faded out)

Paul Simon – (acoustic guitar, vocals)

Urubamba band:
Joerge Milchberg (arranger, charango)
Jorge Cumbo (guitars, winds)
Emilio Arteaga (percussion)
Juan Dalera (flute – 1973)

JEMS loves a vintage taper series and we’re pleased to offer another one, this time from the archive of our friend JF, who taped in and around Southern California in the ’70s and later resumed taping in Boston in the ’80s. He frequented smaller venues, like the Troubadour and the Roxy, leaving arenas to others and leaning more towards the folksier, jazzier and eclectic sides of rock.

JF was also an active trader at the time and this recording is one of the uncirculated or under-circulated gems from the early ’70s that are also in JF’s archive. Installment 11 is what we believe to be a previously uncirculated audience pull Paul Simon’s 1973 solo tour stop at the legendary Nassau Coliseum. For the era and given that much of the show is solo acoustic, it offers a listenable if slightly distant ìyou are thereî mono recording. Samples provided.

We shared the recording with frogster who sent some additional insights on the performance:

“Urubamba was the band formed on request by Paul Simon to Joerge Milchberg to reactivate the ‘Los Incas’ for his Live Rhymin’ tour 1973/1974.

They played as a back-up on many songs like ‘Duncan’, ‘The Boxer’, ‘El Condor Pasa’, etc. Urubamba did not appear on any Paul Simon recording, but their former band ‘Los Incas’ recorded ¥El condor pasa¥ (Bridge) and ¥Duncan’ (Paul Simon) with him.

The band can be heard in their 1973 formation on the Live Rhymin’ album released a year later. The band itself does not exist anymore, but their members are all very active today.

The date and venue are verified on the Paul Simon’s site: http://www.paul-simon.info/PHP/showreview.php?id_concert=443 albeit different setlist.

Some cuts here and there, but all the songs are complete; what is cut are the chants or the audience between songs. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if any song is missing between the cuts, as the setlist of this recording is 20 songs and the standard setlist on the tour, according to the Paul Simon’s site, was of 20+ songs.”

Taking this one over the finish line on JEMS’ behalf is the aforementioned frogster, who came to our attention through many excellent posts and reposts of late, including a fine comp of early Simon & Garfunkel. Thanks to him for taking it the last mile and to glasnostrd19 who suggested we connect with frogster. Big ups also to Tapeboy who handled the pitch correction as he so often does.

But our heartiest thanks goes to JF, who reached out on DIME (you could be next!) and offered us his archive, which had been sitting in boxes, 6000 miles away from where he lives today, for 20+ years. Like so many early tapers, he had great stories to tell and the memories flooded back as we sorted through tapes. We are pleased to be able to bring his work to all of you. Please let him know through your comments that you are, too.