Neil Young – Mountain View, CA (11/01/92)

Neil Young
Shoreline Amphitheatre,
Mountain View, CA
Bridge School Benefit 6

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Solo except where indicated

Source: Analog master Sony D6 w/ Sonic Studios DSM-6p > DAT
Recorded by: D.S.

DAT > optical > Hutch DAT copyprocessor mkII > coax > PC (s/pdif in @ 48kHz) > Adobe Audition (fades i/o, level adjustments, sample rate conversion) > CDWav (tracking) > flac(8)

Opening set:

  1. Sugar Mountain
  2. I Am A Child
  3. Heart Of Gold

Main set:

  1. From Hank To Hendrix
  2. After The Gold Rush
  3. Harvest Moon (w/Ben Keith)
  4. Unknown Legend (w/ Elton John & James Taylor)

All-star finale w/ Elton John lead vocal

  1. Love Song

Roger Waters & Friends – Waters of September

Roger Waters and Friends
Waters of September

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Royal Albert Hall
London, England
16 October, 2002

Excellent Audience

Disk 1

1. Introduction of Ca Ira
2. Overture to Ca Ira – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Flickering Flame
5. Comfortably Numb  

Band: Roger Waters Vocals, Guitar, Bass Andy Fairweather Low Guitar, Vocals Snowy White Guitar Chester Kamen Guitar, Vocals Andy Wallace Keyboards Harry Waters Keyboards Graham Broad Drums Ian Ritchie Penny Whistle Katie Kissoon Vocals PP Arnold Vocals Carol Kenyan Vocals

Jeff Beck with Roger Waters & Friends:
What Beck Wants Part I 
Royal Festival Hall
London, England
12 September, 2002

Very Good Audience

6. Jeff Introduces Roger
7. What God Wants pt 1
8. What God Wants pt 3

Music To My Ears – Timothy White Benefit, Night 2
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York 8
October, 2002

Good Audience

Brian Wilson
9. California Girls
10. God Only Knows
11. Surfin’ USA

Jimmy Buffet 
12. A Pirate Looks at 40

Roger Waters
13. Wish You Were Here
14. Flickering Flame
15. Comfortably Numb Ensemble
16. This Train
17. Everyday People

Disk 2

Songs For Tim 
Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts
7 October, 2002 Good Audience

1. Thanks For Coming Out Tonight – James Taylor
2. Get Down, Stay Down – Timothy White  

Roger Waters
3. Tribute To Timothy
4. Comfortably Numb (with Don Henley)
5. Wish You Were Here
6. Flickering Flame (with Norbert Stachel)  
Sheryl Crow  
7. Tribute To Timothy
8. Happy
9. Soak Up The Sun
10. Home
11. Steve McQueen

James Taylor 
12. Tribute To Timothy
13. Hound Dog
14. October Road
15. Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout That
16. Mexico
17. Close Your Eyes (with Sting)

Disk 3

Songs For Tim 
Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts
7 October, 2002

Good Audience

Set Two:

Don Henley 
1. Tribute To Timothy
2. How Can I Stop From Singing (with Tim Schmit & James Taylor)
3. Shine
4. Boys Of Summer
5. Get Up, Stand Up (with Sting)

6. Tribute To Timothy
7. Roxanne
8. Fields Of Gold
9. Faith
10. Every Breathe You Take

John Mellancamp 
11. Tribute To Timothy
12. Paper In Fire
13. Peaceful World (with Heather Hadley)
14. Small Town
15. Robert Johnson Blues
16. Pink Houses (with Patty Smythe)

Ensemble Encore 
17. This Train
18. Everyday People

Disk 4

What Beck Wants Part II 
Royal Festival Hall
London, England
13 September, 2002

Very Good Audience

Sets One & Two:
1. Beck’s Bolero
2. Roy’s Toys
3. Rice Pudding – Jack Johnson
4. Angel Footsteps
5. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
6. Blue Wind
7. I’m A Man – Jimmy Hall
8. Ain’t Superstitous – Jimmy Hall
9. Morning Dew – Jimmy Hall
10. Behind The Veil – whole band plus Terry Bozzio
11. Savoy – Guitar Shop Trio
12. Sling Shot
13. Big Block
14. Freeway Jam

Set Two:
15. Still I’m Sad – Jeff & band
16. Train Kept A Rollin’ – enter White Stripes, bassist Jack Lawrence
17. I Ain’t Done Wrong
18. Heartful Of Soul

Disk 5

What Beck Wants Part II 
Royal Festival Hall
London, England
13 September, 2002

Very Good Audience

Set Two & Encore:
1. Mister You’re A Better Man Than I
2. Lost Women
3. Evil Hearted You
4. I Ain’t Got You – exit White Stripes
5. The Pump
6. Brush With The Blues
7. Star Cycle
8. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ – Imogene Heap
9. What God Wants (Pt. 1) – Roger Waters
10. What God Wants (Pt. 3) – Roger Waters
11. Nadia – with tabla player Aref Durvesh
12. What Mama Said – with tabla player Aref Durvesh
13. Going Down – Jimmy Hall
14. People Get Ready – Jimmy Hall
15. A Day In The Life
17. Where Were You
18. Hi Ho Silver Lining – entire cast except Roger Waters

House Band: Tony Hymas Jennifer Batten Steve Barney Randy Hope-Taylor Andy Fairweather Low (12 string on ‘Bolero’, plus ‘What God Wants’) 
Special Guests: Roger Waters Jimmy Hall Imogen Heap Tony Hymas Terry Bozzio

Jonie Mitchell + James Taylor – London, England (10/29/70)

Joni Mitchell & James Taylor
BBC In Concert
Paris Theatre [not Royal Albert Hall, as the original text stated]
London, England

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Original source: Wardour 005 – Bootleg CD shared by Randall at Dime on April 11, 2009

CD > WAV > FLAC > Your PC >

Goody’s additional lineage:
foobar2000 (WAV) > Audition (DC Bias Adjust; Tracks 13-16: Pitch Bender -36 cents) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp) > foobar2000 (tags)

01 Introduction By John Peel
02 That Song About The Midway
03 The Gallery
04 Rainy Day Man
05 Steamroller Blues
06 The Priest
07 Carey
08 Carolina In My Mind
09 California
10 For Free
11 The Circle Game
12 You Can Close Your Eyes
13 The Good Samaritan
14 River
15 My Old Man
16 A Case Of You
17 Dialog (Origin Of The Dulcimer)
18 Carey

Tracks 1-12 : BBC transcription disc
Tracks 13-18 : Aircheck tape

Goody adds:
Note that ~1’51” of Joni’s intro to “Carey” in Track 07 was carefully edited out for the broadcast, for some reason.
The complete intro is included in what’s called the Aircheck tape’s Track 17. The missing bit begins at ~01’39” and ends at ~3’30”.
Track 18 of the Aircheck tape is the same performance of “Carey” found in Track 07, but not the same track.

Many thanks to all involved in creating, archiving and releasing the source of this incredible archive!

Text updated for this edition 3/14/14

James Taylor – Cambridge, MA (04/25/70)

James Taylor
Sanders Theatre
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

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Fire and Rain
Carolina in My Mind
Riding on a Railroad
Isn’t It Nice to be Home Again
With a Little Help From My Friends
Anywhere Like Heaven
I’m a Man
Carolina on My Mind
Brighten Your Night With My Day
Sunny Skies
Hallelujah, I Love Her So
Oh, Susanna
Sweet Baby James
Fire and Rain
Sunshine Sunshine
Diamond in the Rough
Country Road

This show is screwy, and I don’t know why. I’ve had the CD for too long to remember the ins and outs of why it is screwy. The track listing almost matches what it say on Etree but they are out of order. After the intro (which is track 5) it mostly goes like the show is supposed to go, although the final song is obviously a different recording. What I’m really saying is that I have no idea whether or not these songs are actually from the show I’m saying their from. Either way its still a good collection of songs.

James Taylor – From Carnegie to Berkeley

James Taylor
From Carnegie to Berkeley

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Carnegie Hall, New York City
May 26-27, 1974

You Can Close Your Eyes
Riding On A Railroad
Long Ago And Far Away
Sunshine Sunshine
Me And My Guitar
Country Road
You’ve Got A Friend
Promised Land

Berkley Community Center
Berkely, California
March 16, 1970

This is probably the wrong date for this show, see the comments. If anyone has the actual date let me know.

Let it Fall Down
Brighten Your Night With My Day
One Man Parade
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Fire and Rain
Mockingbird – duet with Carly Simon
Ain’t No Song
Sweet Baby James
Long Ago and Far Away
Riding on a Railroad
Highway Song
Fire and Rain
You Can Close Your Eyes

Notes from Mat, circa 2009.

People do strange things in the world of bootlegs.  I once got a recording of a Grateful Dead show with a three page explanation of how the recording came to be.  I’ve long since lost the explanation, and have forgotten the details, but the gist was that one really obsessed guy spent several years hunting down various versions of the show (as in recorded by several different people) to get the absolute best quality for each song.  He sent lots of e-mails, made tons of phone calls, etc all trying to get the perfect version.

Of a concert.  One show.  Years he spent getting just the right recording.  From a band that has hundreds, if not thousands of shows recorded to tape.  That’s the obsession I tread in every day.

It isn’t always the obsessive, weirdness of finding the perfect recording, sometimes, lots of times actually people like to make compilations.  They take a variety of songs from different shows and make a compilation to fit their needs.  Some times it is a collection of their favorite songs.  Other times it might be to make a live version of their favorite studio album.  Or whatever, people like to make mix-tapes.  I don’t blame them sometimes you can create a really great show from a string of concerts.

Enter James Taylor.  This particular bootleg is one of those mixes.

I know that the first part (from “You Can Close Your Eyes” to “Promised Land” ) is from a concert at the Carnegie Hall in 1974 (though whether it was May 26 or 27 is up for debate.) The rest of the songs are from March 16, 1970, probably. Etree lists it as an unknown date in 1970, but a crappy bootlegger (he’s actually trying to sell the show, which is really bad karma and thus he gets no link) gives the March 16 date.

Why someone would take two perfectly good shows, cut them in half and then merge them together is beyond me (other than to give it the name “From Carnegie to Berkely” but that seems really asinine.) The two shows seem to be available in a complete form, but for whatever reason, someone decided to split them like this. Somewhere I got this split copy (sorry I can’t remember where I’m unorganized like that.) Now I’m going to share it. I suppose since I’m complaining about it, I should actually track down both full shows, but that’s more trouble than its worth. Truth be told I didn’t realize it was split like this before I uploaded it, but now that it is uploaded I might as well share. Plus, who cares, right?

It is a good sounding show. I’m pretty sure they are both soundboard recordings. James is for the most part doing his acoustic-country-rock thing, with some nice piano work on the Berkeley set by Carole King. If you like James, then this is a nice set even if it isn’t a complete show.