Various Artists – Mountain View, CA (10/28/95)

Bridge Benefit
Mountain View, CA
Shoreline Amphitheater

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I have two sources for this show, one of them only has the Neil set. You can read the info here.

–Neil Young–
Comes A Time
Needle And The Damage Done
Heart Of Gold

Pay No Mind
Sleeping Bag
John Hardy
Hollow Log
One Foot In The Grave
It’s All In Your Mind

–Emmylou Harris & Daniel Lanois–
Orphan Girl
May This Be Love
Sweet Old World
You Don’t Miss Your Water
Jesus Wash Away My Troubles – How Far Am I From Canaan?
The Maker

–Bruce Springsteen–
Adam Raised A Cain
Sinola Cowboys
Point Blank
Don’t Want No More Of This Army Life
This Hard Land
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Down By The River (w/ Neil)

–The Pretenders & The Duke String Quartet–
Sense Of Purpose
Back On The Chain Gang
Private Life
2000 Miles
Hymn To Her
Needle And The Damage Done
Brass In Pocket

–Hootie And The Blowfish–
Hannah Jane
Running From An Angel
Before The Heartache Rolls In
Let It Breathe
When I’m Lonely
Be The One

–Neil Young & Crazy Horse–
Look Out For My Love
Cortez The Killer
Tonight’s The Night
Rockin’ In The Free World

Various Artists – Wilkesboro, NC (04/24-26/92)

Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Festival
April 24-26, 1992
Wilkes Community College, Wilkesboro NC

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Partial compilation – 2021 transcription from “Pickin’ For Merle”

  • The source was mid-90s cable TV broadcasts of “Pickin’ for Merle” recorded to 5 cassette masters by 3 people – XLII and IIS made on generic consumer decks.
  • One source tape has an additional cassette generation. This material is tracks 52-66 below.
  • Transferred in the early/mid 2010s via Onkyo cassette deck and Audacity, then parked for awhile in hopes the VHS would surface.
  • Mastering and setlist in early 2021 by TRH aka Mr. Completely.

See below for notes and lineup details.


  1. Tony Rice All-Stars – Freeborn Man
  2. Peter Rowan & the Nashville Bluegrass Band w/Jerry Douglas – Midnight Moonlight
  3. various – chit chat 1
  4. Tony Rice Allstars – Nine Pound Hammer
  5. Tony Rice Allstars – Cold on the Shoulder
  6. Tony Rice Allstars – Whitewater
  7. Tony Rice Allstars – Molly and Tenbrooks
  8. Doc Watson & Ricky Skaggs – Foggy Mountain Top
  9. Skaggs & Rice – Where the Soul of Man Never Dies
  10. Skaggs & Rice – More Pretty Girls Than One
  11. Del McCoury Band w/ David Grisman – Fanny Hill
  12. Del McCoury Band w/ David Grisman – Randy Lynn Rag
  13. Del McCoury Band w/ David Grisman – I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue-Eyes
  14. Tony Rice Unit – The Dusty Miller
  15. Tony Rice Unit w/Peter Rowan – White Dove
  16. Tony Rice Unit – Sally Goodin
  17. David Grisman Quintet – Dawg’s Rag
  18. David Grisman Quintet – Assanhado
  19. David Grisman Quintet – Grateful Dawg
  20. David Grisman Quintet – Dawgmatism
  21. David Grisman Quintet – Telluride
  22. Tim & Mollie O’Brien & The O’Boys – Liar
  23. Tim & Mollie O’Brien & The O’Boys – Dream of a Miner’s Child
  24. Tim & Mollie O’Brien & The O’Boys – Oh Darling
  25. Tim & Mollie O’Brien & The O’Boys – Shut the Door
  26. Tim & Mollie O’Brien & THe O’Boys w/Jerry Douglas – Hold to a Dream
  27. Doc Watson & Ricky Skaggs – What is a Home Without Love?
  28. Doc Watson & Ricky Skaggs – Nine Pound Hammer
  29. various – Chit chat 2
  30. Del McCoury Band w/David Grisman – Home is Where the Heart Is
  31. Del McCoury Band w/David Grisman – Long Journey Home
  32. Del McCoury Band w/David Grisman – Rain & Snow
  33. Del McCoury Band w/David Grisman – Rawhide
  34. Doc Watson & Friends – Blue Ridge Mountain Home
  35. Doc Watson, David Grisman and Alan O’Bryant – What Does the Deep Sea Say?
  36. Doc Watson, David Grisman and Friends – Blue Moon of Kentucky
  37. Roy Bookbinder – Rev. Gary Davis story, Hesitation Blues/Old Time Religion
  38. Peter Rowan – Dust Bowl Children
  39. Peter Rowan w/Jerry Douglas – On the Wings of Horses
  40. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – Bonnie & Slyde
  41. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – Celtic Medley
  42. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
  43. Peter Rowan & the Nashville Bluegrass Band – High Lonesome Sound
  44. Seldom Scene – Pickaway
  45. Seldom Scene – Carolina Star
  46. Seldom Scene – House of the Rising Sun/Walk Don’t Run
  47. Laurie Lewis & Grant Street – Singing Bird
  48. Laurie Lewis & Grant Street – I’m Gonna Be the Wind
  49. Various – Chit chat 4 – about Doc
  50. Doc Watson – Milk Cow Blues
  51. Doc Watson w/Gove Scrivenor – Sugar Babe
  52. Doc Watson – Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia
  53. Doc Watson – Black Mountain Rag
  54. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – I’ve Been Looking
  55. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Baby’s Got A Hold On Me
  56. Ricky Skaggs Allstars w/Doc Watson – Riding That Midnight Train
  57. Ricky Skaggs Allstars w/Del McCoury – I Feel The Blues Moving In
  58. Roy Bookbinder – Mississippi Blues
  59. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – New Delhi Freight
  60. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – Lonesome Dove
  61. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – Silence Says it All
  62. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – Hold Your Horses
  63. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – For Cryin’ Out Loud
  64. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – I Could Cry
  65. Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – Long Time Gone
  66. Emmylou Harris, Carl Jackson and John Starling w/the Nash Ramblers – Satan’s Jewel Crown
  67. Doc Watson All-Stars – Docabilly Medley
  68. Riders in the Sky – Here Comes the Santa Fe
  69. Maura O’Connell – Trouble in the Fields
  70. Doc Watson All-Stars – Fireball Mail
  71. Sam Bush & the Nash Ramblers – Crossroads > Sailin’ Shoes
  72. Laurie Lewis & Grant Street – Texas Bluebonnets
  73. Tony Rice Unit – Shadows
  74. David Grisman Quintet – Rattlesnake
  75. Emmylou Harris & the Nash Ramblers w/Doc Watson – I’ll Fly Away
  76. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Mr Bojangles (start cut)
  77. Peter Rowan & the Nashville Bluegrass Band – Walls of Time
  78. Doc Watson All-Stars – Shake, Rattle & Roll


  • “Pickin’ For Merle” was a documentary shot at the 1992 Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Festival, then informally and now officially known as MerleFest.
  • The documentary aired in (I believe) 8-ish 1-hour segments through the 1990s on PBS stations.
  • VHS tapes of the entire series were offered as donor rewards. A few artists, including Tony Rice, sold their sets separately.
  • Apparently dubs of some of the video episodes have been traded but none have yet surfaced in public digital circulation aside from fragments on YouTube.
  • Several years ago I contacted MerleFest representatives to see about getting the series released again as a fundraiser. They were interested, but there are technical hurdles with the tapes. It’s still possible.
  • This set of audio cassettes represents about half of the material.
  • I don’t know which days most of the sets are from so I didn’t try to guess.
  • You will encounter various hisses, buzzes, brief discontinuities and other assorted analog artifacts. It’s fine though. It could be cleaned up more but hopefully the VHS will surface.
  • I decided not to change the running order to gather out-of-sequence sets since they aren’t complete anyway. This is the order in which they aired within each PFM episode.
  • Across the tapes approximately 15 or so performances were repeated. Obviously, I included the better sounding ones.
  • Raw transfer WAV files available upon request.
  • I was lucky enough to attend this MerleFest and a couple of others around it. A classic scene.
  • There is also a well circulated SBD recording of the Midnight Jam from this year which I highly recommend.
  • Thanks to Mitchell Wittenberg for setlist and lineup help.
  • Yes, that’s a lot of notes, but no one made you read them all.
  • Dedicated to the memories of Doc Watson and Tony Rice.

  • Backing Band/Allstar Group Lineups (in order of first appearance – guests and headliners are noted in the Artist tag and above, with some overlap)
  • Tony Rice Allstars: Tony Rice-guitar, vocals, Bela Fleck-banjo, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Sam Bush-mandolin, vocals, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Mark Schatz-bass
  • Nashville Bluegrass Band: Pat Enright-guitar, vocals, Alan O’Bryant-vocals (and ?), Roland White-mandolin, Stuart Duncan-fiddle, Gene Libbea-bass
  • Del McCoury Band: Del McCoury-guitar, vocals, Ronnie McCoury-mandolin, vocals, Rob McCoury-banjo, Jason Carter-fiddle, Mike Bub-bass
  • Tony Rice Unit: Tony Rice-guitar, vocals, Wyatt Rice-guitar, Jimmy Gaudreau-mandolin, vocals, Rickie Simpkins-fiddle, Mark Schatz-bass
  • David Grisman Quintet: David Grisman-mandolin, Enrique Coria-guitar, Joe Craven-percussion, fiddle, mandolin, Matt Eakle-flute, Jim Kerwin-bass
  • Tim & Mollie O’Brien and The O’Boys: Tim O’Brien – mandolin, guitar, vocals, Mollie O’Brien-vocals, Scott Nygaard-guitar, Mark Schatz-bass
  • Doc Watson & Friends: uncertain, the “Friends” may be the Nashville Bluegrass Band (above)
  • Bela Fleck & the Flecktones: Bela Fleck-banjo, Victor Wooten-bass, Future Man-midi controller, Howard Levy-piano, harmonica
  • Seldom Scene: John Duffey-mandolin, vocals, John Starling-guitar, vocals, Ben Eldridge-banjo, vocals, Mike Auldridge-Dobro, vocals, Tom Gray-bass, vocals
  • Laurie Lewis & Grant Street: Laurie Lewis-fiddle, vocals, Tom Rozum-mandolin, fiddle, vocals, Peter McLaughlin-guitar, Craig Smith-banjo, Cary Black-bass
  • Doc Watson: Doc Watson-guitar, harmonica, vocals, Jack Lawrence-guitar, T. Michael Coleman-bass, Bob Hill-piano (on some tracks)
  • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: uncertain lineup here. Maybe Jeff Hanna-guitar, vocals, Jimmie Fadden-drums, harmonica, vocals, Jimmy Ibbotson-bass, vocals, Bob Carpenter-keyboards, vocals, Josh Leo-guitar
  • Ricky Skaggs Allstars: Ricky Skaggs-mandolin, vocals, Tony Rice-guitar, vocals, Mark O’Connor-fiddle, Jerry Douglas-Dobro, David Grisman-mandolin, Unknown-banjo, Unknown-bass
  • The Nash Ramblers: Sam Bush-mandolin, fiddle, Larry Atamanuik-drums, Jon Randall-guitar, Roy Huskey, Jr. -bass, Al Perkins-Dobro
  • Doc Watson Allstars: Doc Watson-guitar, vocals, Jack Lawrence-guitar, T. Michael Coleman-bass; Jack Williams-piano (t67, t78); Mark O’Connor-fiddle, Jerry Douglas-dobro (t70, t78); Tim O’Brien-mandolin, Roland White-mandolin, Bela Fleck-banjo (t70)
  • Riders in the Sky: Douglas B. Green (“Ranger Doug”)-guitar, vocals, Woody Paul Chrisman (“Woody Paul”)-fiddle, vocals, Fred LaBour (“Too Slim”)-bass, vocals
  • Kathy Mattea – Kathy Mattea-vocals, guitar, unknown band lineup

Various Artists – Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan, Vols. 1-2

Various Artists
Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan – Varied Artists Vol. 01-02
(There are a total of #40 Volumes.)

downloaded from tracker 2019-06-24. rsx.
LL blog > Transmission 2.94 > iMac 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 (os10.14.5 Mojave) > xACT 2.47 (st5)

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan
The Dylan Covers, Vol. 1
Various Artists

As Columbia Records once advertised, “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan.” Still, I always love to hear Dylan covers. Whenever one pops up, at a show or online, I listen attentively for something new the singer might bring to the song. For the last few years, I’ve been collecting them via bit torrent with an eye toward making a compilation. Here is the first volume of what may be many, if there is interest, and if I can find the time and energy. For now, I’ve avoided the Dead, the Byrds and some other usual suspects, but they may appear later. I have sequenced this for flow; total running time is 78:00. I’ve put the two longest tracks at the end, so those of you who don’t like jams or have short attention spans can avoid them. I haven’t done any artwork, but if there are any frustrated album cover designers out there, I would love to have some.

Due to the many different sources, I am not including lineages; soundboards and FMs have an asterisk, the rest are very good to excellent audience recordings. I have done nothing to the original files but normalize the levels and fade in and out on each track (using Cool Edit). Thanks, of course, to the tapers, and to the original uploaders. Enjoy! JS

  1. Everything is Broken – Neil Young (10-28-89, Shoreline Amp., Mtn View, CA)
  2. Dark Eyes – Alejandro Escovedo (10-1-04, Texas Union Hall, Austin, TX)*
  3. When the Ship Comes In – Billy Bragg (9-26-05, Talking Bob Dylan Blues The Barbican Theatre, London)*
  4. Hard Rain – Big Country w/Eddi Reader (5-31-99, Glasgow SECC, Glasgow, Scotland)*
  5. Ring them Bells – Warren Zevon (10-13-96, The Bluebird, Denver, CO)
  6. The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Alter – Steve Wynn (7-27-05, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, Los Angeles)*
  7. When I Paint My Masterpiece – Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch (10-6-06, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Golden Gate Gate Park, San Francisco, CA)
  8. Girl From the North Country – The Eels (5-9-05, Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW – Santa Monica, CA)*
  9. Love Minus Zero – Ron Sexsmith (10-24-97, The Milky Way, Amsterdam)*
  10. Highway 61 Revisted – World Party (7-12-93, Summer Stage, Central Park, New York)
  11. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Soft Boys (October 27, 2002 ,The Mercury Lounge, NYC)
  12. Fourth Time Around – Calexico (7-9-03 Zeltival am Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany)*
  13. Positively Fourth Street – X (8-2-86, The Ritz, New York City)*
  14. Queen Jane Approximately – Mojave 3 (4-17-96, Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW – Santa Monica, CA)*
  15. Hurricane – Phish (8-16-97, Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME)*
  16. Blind Willie McTell – Mick Taylor (9-16-00, Jack Legg’s, Nashville, TN)*

Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan
The Dylan Covers, Vol. 2
Various Artists (Audience Recordings)

As Columbia Records once advertised, “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan.” Still, I always love to hear Dylan covers. Whenever one pops up, at a show or online, I listen attentively for something new the singer might bring to the song. For the last few years, I’ve been collecting them via bit torrent with an eye toward making a compilation. Here is the second volume of what may be many, if there is continued interest, and if I can find the time and energy.

This time out, I have taken the advice of CHerrmann57, who suggested I segregate audience from soundboard recordings on separate volumes. Quality is generally VG to Exc, though not as good as the audience recordings on the previous volume. (Next up will be a ’70s volume, which will probably be all soundboard or FM recordings.) I have again sequenced this for flow rather than any sort of chronology; total running time is about 78 minutes. I’ve again put the long tracks at the end, so those of you who don’t like jams or have short attention spans can avoid them. I haven’t done any artwork, but again humbly request that if there are any frustrated album cover designers out there, have at it; pdiamond did a nice job last time!

Due to the many different sources, I am not including lineages. I have done nothing to the original files but normalize the levels and fade in and out on each track (using Cool Edit). Thanks, of course, to the tapers, and to the original uploaders. Enjoy! JS

  1. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You – Gillian Welch and David Rawlings (7-29-04, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, England)
  2. One Too Many Mornings – David Gray (3-13-06, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO)
  3. Girl From the North Country – Robert Plant (10-24-02, Octagon Centre, Sheffield, England)
  4. Tomorrow is a Long Time – Ben Harper (2-9-01, Jorgenson Auditorium, Storrs, CT)
  5. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Matt Nathanson (2-22-05, Chris Knutzen Hall, University Center, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA)
  6. I Thew it All Away – Lloyd Cole (12-27-01, Joe’s Pub, New York City)
  7. Buckets of Rain – Beth Orton and M Ward (9-30-03, Cafe Largo, Los Angeles)
  8. I’ll Keep it With Mine – Yo La Tengo w/ David Mansfield (12-30-05, Maxwell’s, Hoboken NJ
  9. Gates of Eden – Robyn Hitchcock (3-26-05, Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ)
  10. License to Kill – Cowboy Junkies (8-16-05, Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA)
  11. It’s All Right Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) – Roger McGuinn (10-05-06, S¯nderborghus, S¯nderborg, Denmark)
  12. Isis – The White Stripes (6-27-03, Coca-Cola Bricktown Event Center, Oklahoma City, OK)
  13. It Takes a Lot to Laugh – Joe Ely (12-31-05, La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX)
  14. Knockin on Heaven’s Door – Tom Petty (8-27-05, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA)
  15. Like a Rolling Stone – Phil and Trey (10-29-06, Vegoose, Las Vegas, NV)
  16. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Echo and the Bunnymen (12-5-85, SFX Hall, Dublin, Ireland)
  17. Farewell Angelina – Jeff Buckley (4-5-92, Roulette Club, New York City)

Various Artists – San Rafael, CA (04/27-28/74) – Marin County Bluegrass Festival

Marin County Bluegrass Festival
April 27-28, 1974
Golden State College, San Rafael, CA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This is a tagged version of shnid: 84849

source: sbd reel
exact gen unknown
Jerry Moore’s copy

lineage: reel playback on Sony TC-765>sbm1>dat>cdr>soundforge>cdr>eac>flac
transfered by Rob Berger ’99

disc 1: 75:25

Cornbread: (4/27)

01: Old Joe Clark
02: I Don’t Believe You Met My Baby
03: Fire On The Mountain

Homestead Act: (4/27)

04: I’ve Been Everywhere
05: Take Five
06: Columbus Stockade Blues
07: Chime Bells
08: Diggy Liggy Lo
09: The Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Emmylou Harris: (4/27)

10: Jambalaya

Tut Taylor and Norman Blake: (4/27)

11: Instrumental
12: Southern Railroad Blues

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/27)

13: Footprints Through The Snow
14: Keep on the Sunny Side
15: Wabash Cannonball
16: Mule’s Done Gone Away

Jim & Jesse McReynolds: (4/27)
17: Are You Missing Me

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/27)

18: Poor Boy Blues
19: Wabash Cannonball (same as above..)
20: Salt Creek
21: Tennessee Stud

Great American String Band: (4/27)
(Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

22: My Plastic Banana Isn’t Stupid
23: Dawg’s Rag (with Richard Green)
24: I’ll Be The Gambler If You’ll Deal The Cards

disc 2: 73:23

Great American String Band: (4/27)

01: Sweet Georgia Brown

The Hired Hands: (4/28)

02: Bear Tracks

Buck White & The Down Homers: (4/28)

03: She Left Me Standing There

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys (4/28)

04: Pick Away
05: Cotton Mill Man/
06: The River Of Jordan

Great American String Band: (4/27)
(Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

07: Maybelline
08: Johnny B. Goode

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys:

09: Dueling Banjos

Tut Taylor and Norman Blake:

10: Instrumental #1
11: Instrumental #2

Taylor, Blake, & Mac Wiseman:

12: The Wreck Of The Old 97
13: Catfish John
14: Love Letters In The Sand
15: Shackles And Chains
16: Prisoner Song
17: Jimmy Brown
18: The Old Folks At Home
19: Man Walking On The Water
20: Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life

Frank Wakefield :

21: Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player #1

Wakefield, Garcia al

22: Heartbreak Hotel
23: Orange Blossom Special

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/28)

24: Doc Bog’s Country Blues
25: Movin’ On
26: Wabash Cannonball
27: Tennessee Stud

disc 3: 79:50

Ramblin’ Jack Elliot: (4/28)

01: Talking Fishing Blues
02: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
03: Down The Line
04: Pretty Boy Floyd

Doug Dillard & Frank Wakefield: (4/28)

05: Dixie Breakdown

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
with Garcia, Vassar Clements, Doc Watson,
David Nelson, John Hartford, & Jerry Mills: (4/28)

06: Tulane And Johnny
07: Cosmic Cowboy
08: Jambalaya
09: Sally Goodin
10: Battle Of New Orleans
11: Teardrops In My Eyes
12: Bonie Maronie
13: Randy Lynn Rag
14: Flint Hill Special
15: Mr. Bojangles
16: Honky Tonkin’
17: Diggy Liggy Lo
18: Will The Circle Be Unbroken*
19: Way Downtown Fooling Around*
20: Down Yonder*
* w/Doc & Merle Watson

disc 4:

Old And In The Way: (4/28)
(Garcia, Grisman)

01: High Lonesome Sound
02: Pig In A Pen
03: Panama Red
04: Wild Horses
05: The Hobo Song

Various Artists – Covering Townes Van Zandt

Various Artists
Covering Townes Van Zandt

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

A Song For Jeroen
Te Loo & Jan VD Linden
(Tribute @ Willem Shertogenbosch-NL-2002-01-06)

None But The Rain
Mary Chapin Carpenter & John Carroll
(Cactus Cafe-Austin-TX-1991-06-29)

Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls
Stuart A.Staples
(Beggards Banqut-Paris-France-2006-06-16)

When She Don’t Need Me
Kristoffer Astrom
(Jarihapalainen Sessions-xx-xx-2000)

High Low And In Between
James Sarsgaard
(Current Gallery-Baltimore-MD-2007-01-20)

Where I Lead Me
Eric Taylor with Kelly Joe Phelps
(Bluebird Cafe-Austin-TX-2001-10-02)

Tower Song
Alejandro Escovedo
(Tin Angel-Philadelphia-2000-09-11)

Rex’s Blues
Jolie Holland & Kerry Lamprecht
(WFMU radio-2011-06-27)

Only Him Or Me
Mikel Miller

No Place To Fall
Ad VanderVeen
(tribute @ Willem 2-‘sHertogenbosch-NL-2002-01-06)

Snake Song
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

Snow Don’t Fall
John Gorka
(In The Woods-Lage Vuursche-NL2008-10-27)

Snowin’ On Raton
Tom Russell with Nanci Griffith
(Third & Lindsey-Nashville-TN2010-06-17)

Be Here To Love Me
Band Of Heathens
(Mucky Duck-Houston-TX-2009-11-25)

Why She’s Acting This Way
J.T.van Zandt
(Tribute @ Willem 2-‘sHertogenbosch-NL-2002-01-06)

(de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL-1995-02-14)

Highway Kind
Ben Weaver

Flyin’ Shoes
Robert Earl Keen
(Magnolia Avenue Studios-St Louis-MO-2010-11-02)

I’ll Be Here In The Morning
Mark Erelli
(Hotel de Wereld-Wageningen-NL-2007-02-24)

Calvin Russell
(de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL-1994-04-20)

Sad Cinderella
EmmyLou Harris with David Bromberg
(WBAI sadio-New York-NY-1970-xx-xx)

Second Lovers Song
Neal Smeltser
(Treasures In The Bakery-Richmond-WI-2000-xx-xx)

Snake Mountain Blues
Chris Eckman & the Friction
(Gun Club-Belgrade-Serbia-2011-12-09)

Still Looking For You
Richard Buckner

Tecumseh Valley
Nanci Griffith
(Royal Albert Hall-London-UK-1994-10-11)

Waiting Around To Die
Be Good Tanya’s
(Colston Hall-Bristol-UK-2006-11-22)

Black Jack Mama
(Saxon Pub-Austin-TX-2006-08-07)

Blaze’s Blues
Hayes Carll
(Continantal Club-Austin-TX-2007-02-03)

Brand New Companion
Steve Earle with John Sebastian
(Bearsville Theater-Bearsville-NY-2011-09-02)

Harm’s Swift Way
Robert Plant & the Band Of Joy
(Orpheum Theater-Memphis-TN-2010-07-13)

Ray LaMontagne
(Beacon Theater-New York-NY-2009-11-10)

If I Needed You
Ben Kyle & Carrie Rodriguez
(Cultureel Centrum-Leopoldsburg-Begium-2010-10-10)

Cowboy Junkies Lament
Cowboy Junkies
(Music Farm-Charleston-SC-2000-02-20)

Pancho & Lefty
Richard Dobson & Band

For the Sake Of The Song
Danny Schmidt
(In The Woods-Lage Vuurschse-NL-2009-02-10)

Lovers Lullaby
Michael Weston King

Colorado Girl
(Howard’s-Bowling Green-OH-2008-08-05)

To Live Is To Fly
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses
(Gruene Hall-Gruene-TX-2007-09-09)

Two Hands
Felice Brothers

White Freightliner Blues
Lyle Lovett
(de Melkweg-Amsterdam-NL-2011-07-10)

Gillian Welch & Friends – Telluride, CO (06/18/05)

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
32nd Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Town Park, Telluride, CO

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: KM84i>744t @24/48
Location: at sbd left, innermost stand, nutter
Transfer: 744t>HD>Goldwave>Flac

taped/transfer: johnr

01. red clay halo
02. make me down a pallet on your floor
03. elvis presley blues *
04. look at miss ohio
05. i want to sing that rock and roll
06. i had a real good mother and father
07. didn’t leave nobody but the baby #
08. revelator
09. by the mark
10. white rabbit
11. throw me a rope
12. caleb meyer

13. i’ll fly away
14. everything is free>
15. dear mr. fantasy &
16. the weight ^

gillian welch – guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals
david rawlings – guitar, vocals

* w/emmylou harris
# w/emmylou harris & alison krauss
& w/chis thile
^ w/emmylou harris, old crow medicine show, & chris thile

Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, The Who, James Iha & Billy Corgan, Lucinda Williams, Brian Wilson, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow – Mountain View, CA (10/31/99)

Bridge School Benefit XIII
October 31 1999
All Acoustic Eventing
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA

Download FLAC: Guitars101

SDB > satelite uplink intercept> CDR> eac> Flac
Except D5 T1 Pearl Jam AUD DAT>CDR>eac>CDR>SHN

Disc One

Neil Young:
101. I Am A Child
102. Good To See You
103. Daddy Went Walkin’
104. Emmylou Harris Introduction

EmmyLou Harris:
105. Prayer In Open D
106. All I Left Behind
107. The Pearl (“Hallelujah”)
108. Raise the Dead
109. Poncho & Lefty
110. From Boulder to Birmingham
111. Outro

Disc Two
The Who:

201. Intro
202. Substitute
203. I Can’t Explain
204. Pinball Wizard
205. Behind Blue Eyes
206. MaryAnne With the Shakey Hands
207. Boris The Spider
208. I Walk the Line/Ring of Fire Medley (J.Cash)
209. Who Are You
210. Won’t Get Fooled Again
211. The Kids Are Alright

Disc Three

James Iha & Billy Corgan
301. Summer
302. If There Is A God > Stay >
303. Ole 55
304. Age of Innocence
305. Glass & The Ghost Children
306. Glass & The Ghost Children
307. Disarm
308. Outro

309. Lucinda Williams Intro

Lucinda Williams
310. Jackson
311. Am I Too Blue
312. Concrete & Barbed Wire
313. Lake Charles
314. I Lost It
315. Greenville
316. Sweet Old World
317. Outro
Disc Four

Brian Wilson:
401. California Girls
403. In My Room
404. Do It Again
405. Add Some Music
406. Lay Down Burdon
407. God Only Knows
408. Please Let Me Wonder
409. Help Me Ronda
410. Good Vibrations
411. Surfn’ USA (w/ Neil Young)
412. Love & Mercy
413. Good Vibrations (w/ Neil, E Vedder, R Daltry, Emmylou Harris)
414. Outro

Green Day:
415. Green Day Intro
416. Geek Stink Breath
417. Hitchin’ A Ride
418. Warning
419. Longview
420. She
421. King For A Day
422. When I Come Around
423. Scattered
424. Time Of Your life

Disc Five
Pearl Jam:
501. Nothing As It Seems
502. Daughter
503. Wish List
504. Better Man
505. Off He Goes
506. Black
507. Last Kiss
508. Outro

509. Sheryl Crow Intro

Sheryl Crow
510. Mississippi (dylan)
511. Strong Enough (w/ Emmylou Harris)
512. Riverwide
513. Band Intro
514. A Change (would do you good)
515. The Difficult Kind
516. All I Wanna Do
517. Home
Disc Six
Neil Young:

601. Intro
602. Old King
603. Long May You Run
604. Sugar Mountain
605. Homegrown
606. Oh Mother Earth
607. Harvest Moon
608. Cortez The Killer
609. Old Man
610. Finale Intro
611. I Shall Be Released (all)

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris – Verona, Italy (06/03/06)

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Arena di Verona
Verona, Italy

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Right Now
Red Staggerwing
I Dug Up A Diamond
Born To Run
Red Dirt Girl
Done With Bonaparte
Romeo & Juliet
Sonny Liston
Belle Star
This Is Us
Boulder To Birmingham
All The Roadrunning
Speedway To Nazareth
If This Is Goodbye
So Far Away
Our Shangri-La
Why Worry

After their most excellent album together, All The Road Running, Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris did a little tour. Apparently, this show was outdoors and was performed in the pouring rain. You can’t tell from the excellent show though. The sound is very good.