Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Buffalo, NY (05/25/83)

Jerry Garcia Band
Shea’s Theatre
646 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
May 25, 1983 (Wednesday), 8 PM
85 min CC aud

Download: FLAC/MP3

–Set I (5 tracks, 38:13)–
s1t01. … How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [#7:49] [0:34] %
s1t02. They Love Each Other [8:08] [0:24] % [0:18]
s1t03. That’s What Love Will Make You Do [8:52] [0:07] %
s1t04. Mississippi// Moon [7:#21] ->
s1t05. Run For The Roses [4:41]

–Set II (5 tracks, 46:43)–
s2t01. crowd [0:05]
s2t02. The Harder They Come [13:06] ->
s2t03. Dear Prudence [12:38] [0:03] %
s2t04. Russian Lullaby// [13:48#]
s2t05. /Tangled Up In Blue// [#7:03#]
[MISSING –encore– Midnight Moonlight]

Jerry Garcia Band #15b
Jerry Garcia – el-g, vocals;
John Kahn – el-bass;
Melvin Seals – keyboards (Hammond B-3 organ);
Greg Errico – drums;
Jaclyn LaBranch – vocals;
DeeDee Dickerson – vocals.

From the original uploader

Recording: symbols:
% = recording discontinuity
/ = clipped song
// = cut song
… = fade in/out
# = truncated timing
[ ] = recorded event time

The recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the “real” time of the event. So, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording.

R: 3rd gen aud (Maxell XLII90, no Dolby) > Nakamichi BX-300 playback (no Dolby) > Pyle Pro cables > WaveTerminal 2496 > Samplitude 10.1 Download Version (record @ 24 bits/48kHz) > CDWave 1.9.8 (tracking) > Adobe Audition 3.0 (cross-fades, etc.) > Traders Little Helper 2.4.1 (FLAC encoding, level 8) (flac2448).

This is not a terrible tape, but it’s also not surprising that it never made the jump to digital. It’s hacked up.

Not sure there’s anything noteworthy here, beyond the almost-true segue from HTC to Dear Prudence to start the second set.

s1t01 HSII fades in, very little missing
s1t01 HSII around 7:10 track R channel goes out for the rest of the song. –patch L channel?
s101 taper talk after HSII
s1t02 TLEO about 42 seconds in, R channel returns –end patch?
“That’s What Love Will Make You Do” (s1t03): It strikes me here how much TWLWYD reminds me of the JGB version of “Get Out Of My Life, Woman”. They’d start playing that song July 28, 1984.
s1t04 Mississippi Moon cut @ ca. 5:12
s2t01 HTC clips in, missing very little, a few beats of the drum intro.
s2t01-s2t02 true segue from HTC to Dear Prudence, very uncommon.

This is part of a “Closet Call” project aimed at making missing Garcia dates available for study. These are “warts and all” … straight transfers of the source cassettes with editing only of the most offensive tape transitions and such. If you don’t like hiss, possible speed problems, etc., etc., then move along. And, to anticipate a FAQ: no, I don’t plan on doing 16/44s of these. Thanks to wk for supplying these tapes!

Upgrade Bonanza: Old & In The Way – Stinson Beach, CA (09/30/73)

Old & In The Way
Community Center
Stinson Beach, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Going To The Races
On And On
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Land Of The Navajo
Eating Out Of Your Hand
Panama Red
Pig In A Pen
Hobo Song
Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
White Dove
Workin’ On A Building
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Kissimee Kid
Wild Horses
Midnight Moonlight
Drifting Too Far From Shore
I Ain’t Broke But I’m Badly Bent
Wicked Path Of Sin
High Lonesome Sound
Blue Mule

Upgrade Bonanza: Primus – San Rafael, CA (03/20/92)

Marin Center Exhibit Hall
San Rafael, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Here Come the Bastards (w/ Angelo Moore)
Jellikit >
Pudding Time >
Theives >
Pudding Time
American Life
Bed’s Too Big without You(Police)(20 seconds worth) w/ Angelo Moore)
John the Fisherman (Yellow Sock Version)
Seas of Cheese
Damn Blue Collar Tweekers >
Smoke on the Water >
Damn Blue Collar Tweekers
Jerry was a Racecar Driver
Fish On
Harold of the Rocks >
Grandad’s Little Ditty >
Harold of the Rocks
Is it Luck? >
Master of Puppets >
Is it Luck?
To Defy the Laws of Tradition
Intruder >
Tommy the Cat >
Ler + Todd Huth Solo >
Tommy the Cat

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Mickey & The Hartbeats – San Francisco, CA (08/28/69)

Mickey And The Hartbeats
August 28, 1969
The Family Dog At The Great Highway
San Francisco, CA
This is a tagged version of shnid: 123091

Download: FLAC/MP3

101-d1t01 – It’s A Sin ->
102-d1t02 – Hi-Heel Sneakers
103-d1t03 – Dark Star ->
104-d1t04 – The Eleven

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Dat -> CD

Transfer Info:
CD -> Adobe Audition v3.0 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC
(1 Disc Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 10, 2012

— Show will fit on one disc with an overburn
— My research shows that this is from the master
— Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Tokyo, Japan (04/03/14)

3 April 2014
Zepp DiverCity
Tokyo, Japan
(show 3 of 9 in Tokyo)

Download: FLAC/MP3

set 1
1. intro
2. Things Have Changed
3. She Belongs To Me
4. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
5. What Good Am I?
6. Waiting For You
7. Duquesne Whistle
8. Pay In Blood
9. Tangled Up In Blue
10. Love Sick


set 2
11. intro
12. High Water (For Charley Patton)
13. Simple Twist Of Fate
14. Early Roman Kings
15. Forgetful Heart
16. Spirit On The Water
17. Scarlet Town
18. Soon After Midnight
19. Long And Wasted Years

20. All Along The Watchtower
21. Blowin’ In The Wind

Bob’s band
Tony Garnier – bass
George Recile – drums
Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar
Don Herron – pedal steel, lap steel, banjo, violin…
Charlie Sexton – lead guitar

recording details
taper: audiowhore
source: CA-11s > CA-9100 > Sony PCM-M10 (recorded at 24/48)
transfer: SD card > PC > WAV (24bit/48kHz) > Audition (edit, hard limiting on obtrusive clapping) > Sampling rate convert to 16/44 > TLH > flac8 > Dime (April 2014)
taping location: middle of Section A (front half of the floor)


Of course when I finally decide to completely kill the old blog and feel satisfied with Amazon everything falls apart.  Last week there was major trouble in the download department and now I can’t seem to upload anything.  I sent them a message describing my problem and they are telling me its gonna have to be a phone call to resolve it.  Finding the time when I can sit and talk to them in peace may take a few days.

Sorry folks, that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Brighton, England (02/17/14)

Van Morrison
The Dome, Brighton
Feb 17 2014

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Intro – Shana Morrison
2. Good Must Know Me – Shana Morrison
3. Serve Me Right To Suffer – Shana Morrison
4. Higher And Higher – Shana Morrison
5. Celtic Swing
6. Close Enough For Jazz
7. Back On Top
8. So Quiet In Here
9. Rough God Goes Riding
10. Keep Mediocrity At Bay
11. Thank God For Self Love

1. Intro
2. Keep It Simple
3. Queen Of The Slipstream
4. Chris Farlowe’s Introduction
5. Early In The Morning – with Chris Farlowe
6. Hoochie Coochie Man – with Chris Farlowe
7. Stomy Monday – with Chris Farlowe
8. Sometimes We Cry – with Shana Morrison
9. Whenever God Shines His Light – with Shana Morrison
10. Days Like This
11. Brown Eyed Girl
12. Baby Please Don’t Go
13. Help Me
14. Gloria – with Chris Farlowe
15. Stand By Me – with Chris Farlowe
16. Outro

Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>
Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8